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docgr 5th November 2009 09:03 PM

Front Foot! :-(

Isonic 86 2009
I'm 178 cm and 70 kg.
I'm using a NP RS slalom 6.2

Rear streps in the middle outboard
Front streps all back inboard.

Garda Lake ... 30 to 60 cm chop.

I don't feel confident at all with my front foot, even going downwind. The weight is mostly on my back leg and sometimes the foot goes out of the strap ... over 30 knots it could be dangerous.

No problem at all with my isonic 111 2009 (that i'm using with different and bigger sails)

I've read lot of posts ... the boom, the mast track position ... the straps ..tried all ... with little results.

Could be the sail?




Ola_H 5th November 2009 10:00 PM

I'm not a slalom sailor and I have little experience with this, but my guess is that the most effective way to trim away that excessive back foot feel that make the front foot "loose" in the strap might be by some sail tuning, most likely more downhaul. That will open up the head more and push sail power lower down in the sail. And since you are sailing the sail raked back, the effect will be that the power moves a bit forward. This might give you a more balanced stance.

Boom and mast track can change your stance too, but since you tried that, the downhaul trick might be worth a try.

docgr 5th November 2009 11:15 PM

Thanks for the advice.

Downhul ... 'i've tried ... now i'm 2 cm over the reccomended setting and the head of the sail is really opened ....

It is frustrating ... :-( .. but thanks! :-)

nonopr 6th November 2009 01:38 AM

too small of a fin. Too much pressure on the back foot.

mark h 6th November 2009 04:35 AM

I used to get this with my front slipping out, but only up-wind. The cure was two things.

First was like Ola says, as I was slightly under down hauling my sails. Now I always down to max. But you do this already, so no action needed there.

Second was to tighten the front foot strap so my foot felt locked to the board. Only down side is jibing, now I need to slip my foot slightly out of the strap just before jibing, over wise it used to get stuck (made me look silly):)

Also, I know you say that you have tried different foot strap positions, but, front strap at the back & inboard wont work with back strap middle and out board. First it will make down wind stance feel weird, second it will make upwind hard as you cant get out board as much. Also, at 178cm, it sounds like you've got a very wide leg stance, this will make you put your power through the back leg, leave the front kinda floating!!

Try Front strap outboard/back and rear strap outboard/forward (or front strap inboard/back and rear strap inboard/forward). This will close your legs and make it easier to distribute your weight through both your legs.

Just my 2 cents worth, and hope you figure it out.

Chris Pressler 6th November 2009 06:12 AM

Ciao Giorgio,
sound like your trimm is not perfect. Get a bigger fin, like nonopr mentioned. A 34 will fit great. Play with your harnesslines position, perhaps a bit back, boom down. 6,2 should fit perfect on this board. Get your front straps in the middleoutside position, back straps back. Mastfoot forward out of the sweetspot.


docgr 6th November 2009 01:29 PM

Thank you all,

i'm using a 33 cm (select) ... tried with a 35 (for a 6.7 sail) .. not much difference for the front foot, but maybe too big for the board (31.5 knots maximum speed ... with the 33 I did 33.7) ....

It has to be something connected to the trim, i know ... in some way it seems a problem with the balance of my weight, maybe with this harness position i should advance rear strep forward even more ... but it seems that nobody uses front holes for the back straps ...

I'll try ....

Marko 6th November 2009 02:10 PM

I do not know if this helps at all but I hear about this problem often, and it is always connected to NP racing sails.

I had this problem several years ago while using RS4 7,2 but the problem disappeared after switching to another sail brand.


docgr 7th November 2009 04:21 AM

... maybe ... but I used the same sail with a JP super x, without any problem.

ok, isonic is a different gear ... so different??

docgr 7th November 2009 04:31 AM

... interesting .. i've found this

... it seems actually related to the sail ...

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