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Unregistered 7th November 2009 12:41 AM

evil twin 74
i'm looking for advice for fin size for the et74 i'm 78 kg

Ola_H 7th November 2009 03:04 PM

Have you tried the original 16cm Drake Evil Fin? If so with what sail sizes and what did you think?

The original fins are rather big so in any case they are very useful for bigger sails and in underpowered onshore. Another benefit with the original fins and with the 15cm smaller versions is that they sees to stabilize the bottom turns a bit and give more drive to the board.

But they also stiffen up the board a bit and they are not the fastest fins around. So if you prefer a more low drag fin and even more looseness in the top turn you can go for a more "normal style fin". A good alternative might then be the Maui Fin LS-type, which is still a fin with a lot of drive. A good size for 4.2-5.2 might be 16.5.

A third alternative which might be particularly useful for powered up sailing is the Maui Ultra fin x-twin in 16.5cm (placed further back in the box). They are probably the most effective fin per fin area and provide excellent drive and stability to the board, but they feel a bit more "slip and slide" if you sail them just just the the planing threshold which is why I say they work best for powered up sailing.

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