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eli villalabeitia 11th November 2009 08:05 AM

best board learning waves, now
Now that the quad is on, what board would be the ideal one to learn waves for an old guy, meaning the easiest. Kode, evo Quad? Any advice would be wellcome.
( 80 kg ) assuming to start in low wind days

Ola_H 11th November 2009 07:48 PM

A Quad would be the easiest, but if you get a used EVO that would works as well. The benefit of the Quad vs EVOs for learning to sail in waves is better upwind and a more "well defined" feel. The Quads make it easy to keep speed in the wave riding, which can be a problem in the beginning.

Unless you will only be sailing super light winds and/or have not sailed small boards before, I think a Quad 81 will be big enough.

eli villalabeitia 13th November 2009 03:12 AM

Ok Ola, thanks

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