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van 17th November 2009 04:49 PM

Question for Remi-Futura 93 '08 vs Futura 93 '09
Hi Remi,

I currently have a Futura 93 2008 and just bought a Futura 93 2009 to replace it simply because I personally don't like the 2010 graphics plus the Futura fast red is no longer available and for me call me wierd but I don't really like blue boards. On a previous thread you told me that there were no changes made on the Futura 93 2010 model as opposed to the Futura 93 2009 model so I was cool to buy the outgoing model.

So before selling the 2008 model I compared the two models side by side and found the following:

Looking at the 2009 model the board has a very noticable deck concave at the front and the board has a lot more deck dome at the rear as Starboard rightly described in the new changes made to the board but having said that I also observed the following:

1) I measured the width between the front and rear strap and found that the widths are exactly the same. Also the tail (from the end of the rear footstrap to the end of the pintail) is noticebly narrower but thicker due to the extra dome deck on the 2009 model. Starboard described the following changes 'new outlines that are wider in the area between your front foot and your back foot. The tail widths however have not been increased' in their 2009 website.

2) The 2009 model although it has the deck concave in the center of the board, the sides (ie comparing the two boards from the rails) seem to be thicker than the 2008. Starboard said that 'Extra slim shapes' was one of the key features for the Futura's extra control.

Could you please comment on the above 2 observations.

Also could you please tell me what the difference in the rocker lines are between the two if any and is there any advantage to the narrower pintail. Is it that the narrower pintail has less drag ie faster but at the same time looses some of it's planning advantages compared to the 2008 model with the flatter but wider pintail.

Many thanks for your time. Awaiting your response.



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