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Unregistered 23rd November 2009 05:09 AM

Fin boxes on the QUAD
Hi, Im almost certainly going to get a quad next year.

However Im a bit worried about the fin-boxes. I met a chap on the beach, sailing a quad. He showed me a problem with the rearmost fins - they were loose - and he had to put plastic shims in to keep them solid. Has Starboard noticed this potential problem - surely the board is thick enough in the tail to support the powerbox fitting as in the frontmost fins - and not bother with the more feeble surboard finbox ?

Thanks in anticipation.....

Unregistered 23rd November 2009 05:17 AM

Sorry........ mini-tuttle on the front, FCS on the rear. Perhaps the problem lies with the FCS box.

Ola_H 23rd November 2009 02:12 PM

The rear fcs type boxes have worked well for me. I did have a problem with teh fins working themselves loose, but this was only when the board/fin was completely new, the first one or two outings. After that they "set" and works fine and yet I have to remove my fins between every session because of transportation issues. On one box, the screw was a bit to tight, meaning that it was difficult to feel how much pressure you put on it. But a small drip of oil solved that (olive oil actually - all I had in my camper at the time). If there is resistance int he screws even when no fin is present, I can recommend that solution since it really makes it a lot easier to get the fins tight.

There are already masses of Quad boards out on the beaches. Usually, we hear about problems quickly (on this forum fx) but there has been only one issue I can recall and that was about a lost screw, that probably went in wrong in the threads when it was replaced. Otherwise nothing. So while I also think MT in the rear would feel even sturdier (but would also be a slight weight penalty) I'm confident in my rear fins on all my quads.

CornishAlex 28th November 2009 06:26 PM

I have had a Quad for three months and used it loads due to an excellent November in the UK. Certainly this "is" a definite but minor issue. On the back boxes and fins do work loose. I eventually slipped the fins into the boxes with some sail cloth to make them a very tight fit, which is what one used to do with fins back in the old days to tighten them up. This worked perfectly and has stopped me having to tighten the screws continually (and worrying I was going to eventually strip the treads!!). I leave the fins in the board all the time never take them out.

This works fine, as I say its a minor teething issue and there are bound to be those with revolutionary new designs........its an amazing board totally made for the real world wave sailors just like the EVO was.

Unregistered 16th December 2009 01:29 AM

How tight are u meant to tighten both sets of fins on the quad? The FCS system fins i tightended until it stopped but without applying too much force. For the front fins I tightened them fairly tight. Is this right. Also, is it ok to leave your fins in their boxes or is it reccomended you take them out after each session?

I had the same issue aas ola and the olive oil does work!

Ola_H 16th December 2009 06:34 AM

You can safely leave your fins in.

WHen it comes to "how tight" its just impossible to say in words. For the rear fins with oiled screws, I would say snug and then e little bit more. Like FCS.

Front fins can be tighten harder, just don't let the screwdriver slip and mess up the screw.

Unregistered 16th December 2009 05:32 PM

Ok thanks,

For the front ones I tightend them until I felt the screw driver was about to slip. But I won't tighten them anymore as this felt right. For the footstrap screws do you tighten them as tight as possible?

Ola_H 16th December 2009 09:28 PM

Even for foot strap screws you have to put some feel into it. As tight as possible could mean you break the screw if you're strong enough and have a good enough screwdriver. Pretty tight and then re-tighten after each of the first few outings is what I would say.

Unregistered 17th December 2009 12:34 AM

ok thank you very much. I certainly have not broken the screw!! Yes they do tend to lossen after i while so I will tighten them again after a few session.

CornishAlex 17th December 2009 03:15 PM

What is happening to you happened to me (and to everyone I have spoken to who has a Quad including Timo Mullen). It happened to me for the first five or six sessions. Since putting in the sail cloth I have never (sailed the quad maybe twenty sessions since) had to re-tighten the back two fins. Slipping in some sail cloth to makes the fit in the box snugger. It is not the screw that is the issue its the size of the box being slightly to large for the fin so there is some flex, this works away lossening the fin screw after a session or two. If you make the fin sit more snugly into the box then the screw only has to hold it in place rather than trying to keep it tight. Try it (in my Ezzy sailbags there was a small bit of cloth with some instructions printed on it of how to thread your mast extension properly, that is perfect, cut a small piece off which you wrap around the base of the fin and push the fin snuggly into the box, you can not see it once its in place - if you do not sail on ezzy's ask someone at the beach who does.............).

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