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Joe 23rd November 2009 11:30 PM

New Board - Great Lakes
I am looking for a new board for the spring.
88kg, formula 161, futura 122, serenity, 10.0,8.5, 6.5 retros & 5.2 ezzy wave.
I am looking for a small board for lake huron high wind (onshore waves, chop, rough) for sailing with 4.5-5.2 bump & jump/waves.
I will buy 1 new smaller sail (+/-4.5).
40 yrs old and not as adventurous as I used to be (ie looking for more of a 'reliable' board than an 'extreme' board).
Intermediate sailor - jibes & waterstart.
I was thinking something around 100l (kode or even starboard atom)

Looking forward to your opinions...

Screamer 24th November 2009 02:31 PM

Hey Joe
This one from a fellow freshwater (river), 41 year old, 86 kg sailor so pretty close ;-)
For 4.5-5.2 wind and ugly lumps it will produce, a 100l board will be too big. I use a Kombat86 (kode predecessor), and it's just about perfect. If your wind is full of holes, you could go for K94, but I still think it won't be much fun in solid 4.5/5.2 weather. It could be used with your 6.5 on the other hand. So I'd say go for 86.
Oh and from what I've heard, go for wood, not carbon if you're after control/comfort. In fact you can't go wrong if you find a 2007/8 Kombat.

PS don't worry about volume, 86 is pretty wide and chunky board, it won't feel that small.

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