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gijoe 6th December 2009 06:45 PM

fin for Starboard carve 133
I have a starboard carve 133 (2007) with an Freeride Drive II 460 (drake).
My sails:
Neil saber 6.2
Gaastra matrix 7.5
Gaastra swift 9.0

For the use of my 9.0, would be it better to put a longuer fin (rs7 51 cm).
The drake 46 is better for which size of sail.
And finally which would be the ideal fin set with my set of sail.

Retep 8th February 2010 04:40 AM


It depends on several things.
Most important are: you're weight, rig/sail sizes, board (type size volume & width), fin type (race or freeride) and water/weather conditions.

Fore example, I use:
- Starboard futura 133L board 76,5 cm Tail weight 49,1
- weight 92kg
- flat water / little choppy conditions
- Drake race fins: 46/ 48 and 52 cm
- Rig sizes 6.5m^2 / 7.5m^2 / and 9.0m^2

- Don't go 1 or 2cm maximum bigger than tailsize (+/- 49cm in this case).
- 2 up to max 4cm between several fins is enough.

Actually the 52 is a little to big but don't forget that I am 92kg.....
This fin brings very early planing in light wind conditions.

For some info see the links below:

Race-fins gybe less easy (less maneuverability) but plane early and have a higher end speed. Freeride fins are bended/rounded more and gybe smoother.
Its a depends on what you prefer.
Try some..... before you buy one.....:)

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