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alpinsurfer 16th December 2009 02:50 PM

Which size Evo or Kode 80?
Hi! I am windsurfing on alpine lakes when it is (really) windy - starting at about 20 kn up to 30 kn, 35 kn, ... (in storms) and love waves. However during the next years I ll be only able to go windsurfing at European coasts (and lakes of course). At the moment I ve fun with the F2 Guerilla 84 (235 / 58,5) of 2007 using S1 sails in 4.2, 4.7 and 5.3, and an Alpha 5.8

However I d like to buy a Starboard-board for my 78 kg at 1.80 cm ... looking primarily for a change or a smaller board. Gybing, range, some speed, jumping and waves are my objective. I can handle harder conditions but am definitely not an expert.

But I cannot decide which of the 2009 or other starboards will suit best, as travelling with only one board is fun too - they should not be to similar if I'd go for two.

So what's about the 2009 Evo XTV in 75 or 80? Or the 2009 Kode in 80?

As it should be the smallest board top end control is an issue.

Thanks for your answer

shimeone 17th December 2009 01:28 AM

Hy! I have a same problem, kode 80 or evo 80, but my weight is something diferent. 190cm and 96kg. I have, for now, two sails, gaastra poison 5,8 and np alpha 5,0. My question: witch of thise boards are for me. I expect from this board fast freeride and good yumping, and it will be used only in high winds as the smalest bord (i have fanatic freewave 96 and fanatic xxx 105l) My sailing place is in Croatia, Zadar!
Sorry for my bad english and thanks! :)

shimeone 17th December 2009 01:41 AM

Hy! It is I! I have one more question! Witch construction to buy: tehnora or wood? Why?
Thank you!

Ola_H 17th December 2009 03:01 AM

Alpin: The EVO 80 will generally speaking be similar to the Guerilla you have, not really feeling much smaller. The Kode 80 is a far smaller feeling board, in fact more comparable to an EVO 75 if you want to go EVO. But if you do a lit of high wind lake riding, I would say the Kode 80 is the best choice. It's excellent for that and a great wave board too. Maybe it will feel a tad overloaded with a 5.8 though. A way to proceed would be to get teh Kode 80 and keept he Guerilla, and then if it works out with 5.8 for you on the Kode, sell the Guerilla later. There is also the option to go Kode74. It's not that much smaller feeling, but still more controllable with a super powered up 4.2. But then you would for sure need the F2 for 5.8 sailing. And even in a two board quiver, its not that evident that the 74 will be better. Sometimes some overlap is good and you will only sacrifice a little top en control but will be able to get on the small board quite a bit earlier with the Kode 80.

Shimeone. Hard to say. For light weight, EVOs can be a bit wide as high winders, but manye heavyweight swear by them particularly for high wind use. It is like the extra wide platform give the little extra carrying ability that you may need also in high wind since it's generally gusty. As noted above, the Kode 80 is for sure also a one class smaller board. So even though technically the Kode is the best high wind blaster, I would go out in a limb and say the EVO 80 might still be the most practical board for you.

alpinsurfer 17th December 2009 05:25 AM

Thanks Ola for answering. So you'd suggest the Kode 80 and agree, that trading the Guerilla for the Evo 80 does not make much sense as it does not change much. Correct?

A how much harder board to sail is the Kode 80 compared to the Evos 75 or 80 in the different conditions?

alpinsurfer 17th December 2009 05:39 AM

Ola, is your last sentence of the first paragraph (to me) saying that the Kode 80 is harder to control in high wind / overpowered that the wider Evo would be?

Or what does that sentence say?

shimeone 18th December 2009 12:04 AM

Thanks! "Technically the Kode is the best high wind blaster" :)
Kode, here I come!!!

Chris Pressler 18th December 2009 01:22 AM

Hi Guys,
guess the Kode waveboards are good in big waves, but also work exceelnet in strong wind flatwater conditions. Ideal for riding waves in longer turns over the front foot
The EVOs are great in medium sized waves, beachbreaks, onshore to sideonshore conditions. Ideal for ripping waves in many turns, which are shorter. The backfoot makes more work.

I like the EVO or QUAD style. Easy going, easy to sail upwind and easy to catch waves, even when they are hard to get. And out of my view these modern waveboards also work relatively ok on flatwater, when the wind fits.

Have fun,


shimeone 18th December 2009 10:19 PM

In croatia we have sideshore and onshore conditions. On sideshore conditions we have nice platform for jumping, but when is onshore it is very chopy! I hope the kode will work nicely in thise conditions!!!
What about the biggest sail that you used on this board? 6.0?

shimeone 19th December 2009 10:48 PM

Plizzzz if enybody has a picture of a kode 80 wood edition, bottom side. I see deck is wood color and what kind of color is on the bootm of the wood edition!

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