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Unregistered 21st December 2009 03:44 PM

LWR first impressions
Just thought I would give some feed back on the new Starboard LWR. Had it out today for the first time and must say I am super impressed with this board. Condtions were around 12-18 knots, fairly flat-quite choppy. Within the first minute I had the board railing up and right up on the fin. The LWR loves to point and is super quick off the wind. Going down chop you never feel like the nose is going to catch. You can be pointing high and then bare off at full speed and the board doesnt miss a beat. It felt fast in the light wind and when it got windier. I have had all previous formula models and this is definately my favorite. I put the mast track in the middle to begin with and then back 1cm when it was windier, footstraps furthest back and on the outside. Sam P it was good to hear your feed back and I am glad you like the new board.
Had 10.7 sail and 70cm custom Vector fin 6.5 degrees rake.

Regards Steve aus341.

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