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Ken 30th December 2009 01:27 AM

2009 Sailing Statistics
Some may find this information interesting. I have carried a GPS on all outings for the last four years, and logged all the information listed below for 2009. Wind speeds are from sites where I sail.

I have been windsurfing for 25 years, am 64 years old, weigh 79kg & live in Dallas, Texas. When I sail, I don’t spend the day at the lake, I just rig, go out for at least an hour, pack up and head for home and time with the family. I attended 5 regattas, sailing in the Formula or Open class.

Averages per day for 66 days of sailing:

Top speed = 29.1 mph / 25.3 knots
Average speed = 10.7 mph / 9.3 knots
Time on the water = 71.4 minutes
Distance sailed = 12.1 miles / 19.4 km
Wind speed = 10.2 to 21.4 mph / 8.9 to 18.6 knots

Sail sizes and number of times used (there were a number of occasions where I used more than one sail during a day, but I just recorded the most used):

11.0 = 9
9.2 = 15
8.4 = 5
7.6 = 10
6.6 = 17
5.7 = 6
5.0 = 1
4.5 = 2
4.0 = 1

Boards and number of times used (there were a number of occasions where I used more than one board during a day, but I just recorded the most used):

Starboard Formula 160 - 30
Starboard iSonic 111 - 26
Hi Fly Move 105 - 9
Tiga 263 - 0
Mistral Superlight - 1

Totals for the year:

Sailing days - 66
Days sailed in Jan. Feb. Mar. - 16
Days sailed in Apr. May June - 26
Days sailed in July Aug. Sept. - 12
Days sailed in Oct. Nov. Dec. - 12
Top speed - 35.7 mph / 31.02 knots - Starboard iSonic 111 with Maui Sails TR-4 6.6 sail
Mileage - 805 miles / 1295 km
Number of days with winds gusting over 23 mph / 20 knots - 24
Time on the water - 78.2 hours
Highest wind speed sailed - 40 mph / 34.7 knots at Corpus Christi
Greatest distance sailed in one day - 22 miles / 35.4 km

Unregistered 30th December 2009 05:13 AM

I kept a log this year for the first time ever, and it was very instructive to look at the results at year end. My results are not as impressive as Ken's except that I sailed a few more days: 74 for me versus 66 for Ken. Anyway, what I learned is probably obvious to everyone but me, namely, that the smaller the board and sail the faster you go. My best speed on my formula board was an unimpressive 22.2 mph, while on my 116 it was 29.4 (still not blazing fast, but I am working on speed).

In my log, I recorded the weather conditions and also whether I would have been happier had I rigged a different board or sail. From that I learned that my optimum light wind combination is my 8.5 meter sail on my 116 liter board. By optimum I mean that combination would have worked almost as well as my formula and 9.5 on really light wind days and much better than the formula and 9.5 when a sudden storm blew through. Plus it was just a lot more fun than being on the big sail/formula combo and didn't hurt my back as much. I know everyone won't agree, but for me (68 kg), it is true.

In any event, I highly recommend a log. It will tell you a lot about your equipment choices.

Thanks, Ken, for starting this thread.

mark h 30th December 2009 05:31 AM

Hi Ken
Full credit for keeping the young ones on their toes. If I can do that at 64, I will be very happy with my life:)

Interesting stat's, especially the 9.2m and 6.6m being the most used sails. My most used over here in the UK are 9m/XL slalom and 5.8m/speedboard, weird its kinda all or nothing.

I log most sessions on and user stat's are recorded, so finding out kit usage details are real easy:)

66 sessions is great. I only got 30 odd session in for 2009 due to the recession and having to spend more time keeping those blood thirsty Wolves at the gate:(

Happy new year every body:)

Philip 30th December 2009 07:12 AM

Yes my profile is similar to Kens except lighter and no formula size gear. Basically when things look good I drop whatever and head to the water for a couple of hours, more or less, depending on what it takes to get runs in the 'zone'.

Best sailing where I live inland in Australia is winter and spring as the winds are more solid and reliable than during the hot months. Quality wetsuits and head gear is the go.

Sail range is 5.x to 8.x cambered on 110 litre slalom board.

Don't keep a log but 60 sessions a year would be the least.

The guys WS around me are maxing (averaging less) at 25-30 mph on the better days so I guess I must be peaking around those speeds when the planets are all aligned.

COACHG 30th December 2009 12:52 PM

Ive been keeping a log since 2005 of days sailed and it works great for deciding on gear choices. Ken has me by 2 kg and 14 years, but I beat him by 3 days of sailing this year. Im jealous of the days sailed through the winter though. Dec-Feb is too cold and wet here in northern CA, and since I coach football Sept-Nov. is shot so I piled up my 69 days March-Aug. Ken and I are very similar is sail sizes though. Trade in that 9.2 for a 9.8 and lose the 11.0 and we are almost dead even in sail sizes.


PG 30th December 2009 07:21 PM

In Finland the season, at least my season, was crap. Only 27 sessions. And ended early with knee surgery (but that was not because of windsurfing). Unfortunately for those capable of continuing the season there were unusally few windy days in the fall either.

My log can be found at MyTrims: "" . If you login (or register) you can read the session specific comments as well.
By the way, I think MyTrims is a nice little too for all of us that are not totally focused on GPS, but want more generic session bookkeeping.

Ken 30th December 2009 09:52 PM

Hi Guys,

I wasn't sure what response I would get by posting my stats., but I am happy to see that others get enjoyment/information from doing the same thing. When I started all this, recording top speeds was the initial focus, but it seemed logical to add the additional data. I retired in July of last summer, so the opportunity to hit the water is almost unlimited. However, summer and fall winds in central Texas are not all that great so my trips to the lake haven't come as often as I had hoped. So additional information:

Days & distance sailed in the last five years:

2005 - 51 / 719 miles (1157 km)
2006 - 59 / 722 miles (1162 km)
2007 - 47 / 604 miles (972 km)
2008 - 74 / 865 miles (1392 km)
2009 - 66 / 805 miles (1295 km)

mario.milhazes 1st January 2010 04:49 AM

Hi Ken

I was very impressed with your data. Im 40 now and i hope when i get your age i could still be windsurfing like you do.

So from now on im going to start to log all the info as you do.
Ive created a spreadsheet for me and my friends to do it and compare data at the end of 2010.

Thanks for sharing your info with us.

Have a happy 2010 and hope the winds blow all year round

Ken 2nd January 2010 03:24 AM


I love windsurfing so much that to keep at it, I must workout regularly on weights. The windsurfing gives me the motivation to stick with the workouts, plus I have some back issues that require me to maintain good core strength, so I must focus on that as well. This is where the age thing becomes, literally a pain in the back.

I started with an Excel spread sheet right at the beginning. I pencil in the data on the paper spread sheet after each session, and about quarterly, I input the data into the computer.

At the bottom of the spread sheet, I list the 5 best top speeds for each board along with the date achieved. This gives me a speed goal almost every time I am on the water regardless of the board that I am on.

Happy new year to all............

mario.milhazes 2nd January 2010 05:15 AM


Just one question, what GPS are you using

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