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Hispanico 16th January 2010 12:27 AM

GO with Point-7 Ac-2 8,3m2
Hi guys! I'm italian so I'm sorry for my bad english!:D
I have a 2007 GO 129, and now I'm interesting to slalom, I know that it's a progressive freeride board, but I want to try a cambered sail on this board (perhaps a point-7 Ac2 8,3)... In your opinion it's an absurd combination or I can expect some results?:confused:


Roger 16th January 2010 10:06 AM

Hi Luca,
The '07 GO 129 may surprise you with it's performance as a slalom board.
Will you win any slalom competitions with the GO 129?.... probably not.
As far as putting a cambered sail on the GO 129, that should not be a problem,
but since cambered sails tend to cost more, one wonders if the additional cost
will be justified.
There are plenty of free race sails (both cambered and no cam) that will give you
the power and stability to extract the full performance from the GO 129.
Will it work, yes!
Is it a good idea..... maybe.
Hope this helps,

AlexWind 17th January 2010 03:08 PM

Ciao Hispanico, per quanto riguarda la tavola ha lo stesso shape del futura che Ŕ un ottimo freerace.
Per quanto riguarda la vela la ac-2 Ŕ veramente ottima: pi¨ potente la 2008, per quanto riguarda la 2009 la sua particolaritÓ Ŕ quella di riuscire a tenere tanto tanto vento senza fare una piega!

Hispanico 17th January 2010 05:05 PM

Thank you Roger, when the good weather and the good wind will come back, here in italy, I'll try the combination!

Grazie anche a te alex, riuscire ad utilizzare la stessa vela per un ampio range di vento Ŕ una cosa che mi intriga troppo! ciaoo

SeanAUS120 20th January 2010 07:51 PM

Hi Hispanico,

I agree with Roger, the GO 129 is actually a kind of cool cruisy slalom board. We used to have one in the shop and take it out for a spin every now and again and the performance is really good considering its traditionally seen as a more 'learner orientated' board. Can't beat the fact that it's almost impossible to put a hole in it, versus a full on slalom board which you will usually be taking to the repair shop the first time you drop the sail in a gybe.

As for sails, the AC-2 should be nice, but maybe even nicer could be the AC-0 8,1m. This is a no-cam sail and it's super light and has a little better bottom end because it's a deeper sail as the GO is a little heavier with the tufskin construction so might need a bit more juice. The AC-0 has the performance of a cam'd sail but is much easier to rig and lighter and more fun I think.

Hispanico 21st January 2010 03:12 AM

yes, I considered the ac-0 too, but I'm going to buy the ac-2 from a friend at nice price, than you can really rigs (is this a verb:D??) this sail from 10 to 30kn if you are able to use in that conditions!:)

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