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Unregistered 18th January 2010 12:01 PM

freeride sail on isonic

can anyone help to explain

1. how would freeride sails like Severne Mojo or North Natural affect the sailing if used on isonic (or any other slalom board). heard many times that isonic should be used with cambered sails but i'm no fan of cambers ;-)

2. does a weed fin affect the performance of isonic in a down wind slalom course?

Deja Vu 18th January 2010 09:59 PM

I use both cambered and non-cambered (Retros) with my Isonics. My very fastest speed was on a Isonic 101 with a Retro (37.5 knots - I got lucky, big gust, flat water)! so they do work fine, but if you're into racing you'll want an all out fully cambered race sail.

I use a weed fin (True Ames) on all my boards out of necessity - they work a lot better than you'd think (they're capable of at least 37.5 knots).

Unregistered 21st January 2010 11:23 AM

Hi deja vu,

wondering have you compared going upwind with a weed fin and normal slalom fin?

(i had one of my fastest speed run with a retro too!)

Per 22nd January 2010 12:36 AM

I sailed my iSonic 122 with a 6.5 metre no-cam 5 batten freeride sail before I switched to a 7.0 cammed sail. The 6.5 worked surprisingly well. Speed was excellent and planing quite okay. Only drawback was pure bottom end power and max control. In really harsh conditions I would get up on my toes and loose a little control as the centre of effort is situated higher and moves more around on a freeride sail. Anyway jibing is a dream with a no-cam. You won't win a serious race with a no-cam though.

I've tried a weed fin on my iSonic too. No good experience. It works okay on a freeride board but the iSonic lacks lift an pointing when used with a weed fin. The bigger iSonics are quite wide tailed and they need a fin to support this. Pure downwind speed wasn't good either. Interesting as my former S-type 115 was more quick downwind with a weed fin than with a slalom fin. On the other hand a weed fin can be very controlled as it almost never spins out (or catches weed).


Deja Vu 23rd January 2010 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 38446)
Hi deja vu,

wondering have you compared going upwind with a weed fin and normal slalom fin?

(i had one of my fastest speed run with a retro too!)

Whether it is Cape Hatteras, Florida or your local spot weed fins can turn a frustrating day into something great. The True Ames weed fins have a lot of area for their size so they tend to be quite powerful and, for me at least, very good upwind. I tired the Drake slalom fins and I personally prefer my weed fins, especially where I sail. I moved from moderately expensive "normal" slalom fins to weed fins about ten years ago and have since avoided a lot of frustration. Expensive slalom fins are a necessity if you make your living racing, but for the rest of us just a waste of money, IMO. If your expensive fin is gummed up with weeds you're going to be beaten by the guy with the weed fin every time if he has a clue what he's doing.

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