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shelfstacker 18th January 2010 04:47 PM

Phantom 301
I've just bought an early Phantom 301 that hasn't ever been used but the mast track adjustment pedal doesn't work. Possibly that's why the dealer never sold the board?
There is no resistance in the pedal itself and there is no contact between the underside of the pedal and the rotating aluminium strip that should be pushed down to allow the mast base to slide to a new position. (This is with the pedal in both its forward and backward positions). It looks like a spring and the pin to mount it are missing from the base of the pedal? Is there anywhere I can see a drawing of the parts of the pedal as they should be so I can try to get a replacement?

Roger 18th January 2010 07:58 PM

Hi shelfstacker,
Are you sure that you have the pedal pulled forward and up so that it engages with the
release bar?
When the pedal is in the "stowed" position it acts like there is no spring or contact.
If you pull the pedal up and forward, it will snap into place over the release bar and the spring in the release bar acts to give the pedal it's release/locked positions.
It was made this way so that sailors who do not take full advantage of the sliding mast
foot can simply disengage the pedal and the mast foot stays in whatever slot it's locked in.
My early Phantom was a little tricky to figure out just how to pull the pedal to get it to engage, but once I learned the trick, it became very easy.
Hope this helps,

shelfstacker 19th January 2010 12:53 AM

Thanks Roger,
Your description is very clear and has I think moved me a step closer to the solution. Pulling the pedal up and forward, there is no snapping into position. Instead the pedal barely engages with the bar - not nearly enough to push it down - and then slips off the bar. I see that the pedal rotates on a chrome pin, but there are also two holes forward of this that seem to be missing something, possibly a second pin or fitting? Difficult to describe - does anyone have a link to a photo of what this should look like?

Roger 19th January 2010 05:57 AM

Hi shelfstacker,
I originally thought that something was missing on my brand new demo board.
I fooled around with it, and it went "pop" and moved well forward.
Are you pulling up so that the pedal rotates on that pin toward the back of the board BEFORE you try to move it forward.
I think that was the secret.
Kind of pull back and rotate up, then slide it forward and it should pop into place to release the mast foot car.
Unfotunately it's not real "sailor friendly" on the water, until it gets used alot and frees
Hope this helps,

ZedZdeD 20th January 2010 02:47 AM

Hi, I have a Phantom 320 2009, and am very enthusiastic about it (sailing 10 times more often than with my short boards, and always with great fun), but I also have an issue with mast pedal :

in forward position, it engages correctly with the rail, but it happens that I unwillingly walk on it while sailing, and it sometimes goes it its back position, then I have to stop to put it forward again. Is there a way to block the pedal in the front position ?

I also have issues with daggerboard manoeuvring. When it is fully up, I have to stop to pull it down with my two hands. It would be so much better if it could be easily handled while sailing. Any clue ?

If I may ask a last question, I observe it is necessary to purchase the specific mast foot otherwise you cant use the rear position of the mast rail (a standard mast foot would block the pedal up if put in the rear position). The mast foot sold by Starboard has a specific upper side, is it possible to disassemble this upper side to install a standard mast foot upper side ?

Despite these minor elements, thats a great great board. The question to know if I will have good conditions to sail is history, the question to know if I will have max fun from light to medium-strong wind is history. The board is interesting, performing, technical, challenging. I ordered the 2010 and cant wait to receive it.

ZedZdeD 20th January 2010 02:50 AM

for shelfstacker, I can try to take a photo of the pedal mechanism on Phantom 320 2009
plz indicate an email address to send it

pedal manoeuver as far as I understand it : put the pedal in back and up position, put your fingers on the base of the pedal, on rear side, then push it forward and downward, normally you feel a resistanc edoing so, which corresponds to pedal pushing down the rail from up to mid position, then pressing pedal once in place will move rail from mid to down position, allowing mast rail use

shelfstacker 26th January 2010 05:11 PM

Thanks for your offer ZedZdeD,
After hours of trying every position of the pedal possible unfortunately still nothing works. With the assembly as it is there is no position that allows the pedal to act on the track in the way that Roger and yourself describe and so I'd really appreciate a photo. Email is
I do quite a lot of work on old raceboards (F2, Fanatic, Mistral) and one of the main fixes that I have to do is to the sliding mast track mechanism. Mistrals came nearest to a reliable track on their IMCO One Design, but others are not so good. One weak point with the shorter Phantom is that it only allows three positions for the mast - not good if you want to fine-tune for different wind conditions. With my other boards often an adjustment of a few cm is necessary. The Phantom only offers large steps between positions.

ZedZdeD 27th January 2010 01:22 AM

Ok I will do photos and send them to you on Saturday.

shelfstacker 2nd February 2010 09:30 PM

Thanks to ZedZdeD for the photos and help. There is indeed a very small plastic part that sits between the mast pedal and the aluminium track. Without it, pedal and track don't come into contact and the mast can't be adjusted. Next stop a Starboard dealer. Maybe this part is common to all Phantoms?

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