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Z a c 20th January 2010 08:32 AM

US fin box
I have just bought an 86 Kode excellent board. Although this is the fist board i have used with a US fin box. At the moment i am using the stock fin, the screw is not flush with the bottom of the board and I think this would effect some performance. I have taken the washer out and it is a little better but not perfect. The screw has a domed head should i find one with a flat head? its an ex demo board so mightnt be orignal screw. Or does it not matter?
Thanks, from Zac

Chesapeake 24th January 2010 01:58 AM


As a matter of practice, I always recess the screw head by drilling into the fins. This clears the flow at the base of the fin and reduces the occurance of catching weeds.


Ola_H 24th January 2010 04:48 AM

In most cases, it's no big deal. If you take away the washer, be sure to check so that the screw don't bottom in the box. If you're worried about the big head of the ph2 original screw you can get one with a smaller head, but again, be sure that it is short enough to not bottom in the finbox.

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