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AlexWind 22nd January 2010 06:02 PM

Deep Tuttle Fin Installation
Hi, I've just bought a deep tuttle fin box board (iS 121) in place of my old tuttle one (iS 122 2007) and I was wondering about the fin installation.
I saw the "installation guide" page on the web site but it's out of date..

Now, there is a rubber ring attached to the board, and no safety rubber washer was given to me, or metal rings or screws..

Someone told me to put a metal washer on the rubber ring on the board and that's it.

Someone else to purchase the safety rubber washer and put: one metal washer over the ring attached to the board, then the safety rubber washer and then the screw.

Last "theory": rubber washer attached to the board, then metal washer, then safety rubber washer, then another metal washer inside the safety washer then the screw!!

That's why I'm asking you here! :-)

Which is the correct installation for a deep tuttle box fin? Do I need the safety rubber washer? In this case I suppose I have to order it from the importer..

Thanks in advance for the answers and patience!

PG 22nd January 2010 07:17 PM

I don't think you need any Safety Washer, that is just for the convenience of your toes and feet. With other boards that have the bolt head on top of the deck you need the bolt head, a metal washer underneath, and a rubber washer to face the board. If there is a fixed rubber washer on the board already then that should do for the rubber part.

No reason to make it more complicated than it is :-)

AlexWind 22nd January 2010 09:29 PM

Thanks for the reply!

As I haven't tested the board yet, I think I'll do as you say.

According to the safety washer, although not strictly needed to go on water, is it usefull/reccomanded?

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