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eric b 125 23rd January 2010 06:37 AM

Technora 144 VS Wood 133
I ordered a futura 144 and there were problems with the original order ( the company i ordered from lost the order) so they knocked off 15% of the total cost and gave me free shipping. I got my order, but they delivered a Technora 144. I really liked the wood, hence why i ordered it. they have a 133 wood that they can send, or they'll give me $350 back from my order. i'm 90kg and sail in 10+ knots most of the time, but there are those days that i'm slogging around. will the 11 L difference make much of a difference?

mark h 23rd January 2010 08:18 AM

Hi Eric
I think that 11 L will not make a big difference, but in very light stuff, you will notice the extra width/stability/fin size. The 133 is going to be more lively etc, but if you bought it as a light wind board, I'd be looking to keep your 144 and grab the $350:)

eric b 125 23rd January 2010 09:07 PM

what is considered "light wind"?

Roger 23rd January 2010 11:39 PM

Hi Eric b 125,
The definiition for "light wind" probably differs as you travel around.
If you live in a truly light wind area, where the wind rarely exceeds 20 knots, light wind is anyting < 14 knots (say 8-13 knots).
Below 8 knots, not many boards can plane, even with => 10.0 m2 sails.
So "light wind" probably somewherein the 10-12 knot range.
If you live in a very wind place, with windspeeds over 20 knots much of the time, light winds might be defined as 15-20 knots.
If you have 10+ knots of wind, you are probably in a "light wind" area and the larger 144
(with a larger fin and a => 9.0 m2 rig) Tecnora board may give you alot more planing time.
If your winds are above 14 knots, then the difference would begin to favor the 133.
Unfortunately you are not a "lightweight" so wider boards, larger fins and sails will be what your need to get the max planing time with the windspeeds you suggest.
Hope this helps,

eric b 125 25th January 2010 04:15 AM

decided to just keep the technora 144. i figure that since i'm a novice, i will probably need the extra 11 L, and my inexperience means i wouldnt notice the difference b/w the boards anyways. (especially since i'm going from a 12 foot, 248 L ultra cat.) i'll use this board to get my technique down, and when i graduate in 2 years i'll get a smaller board with a more responsive feel. as far as i'm concerned, this will be one hell of a good 'starter' board and the extra loot will lend itself to a better rig.

PG 25th January 2010 01:46 PM

I think you made the right choise! That $350 will buy you another sail which is much more important when moving from a longboard to a shortboard.

It is very important to acknowledge not only the the wind strength and weight, but also the skill level. For a shortboard novice a few additional liters are helpful, and the technora construction is easier to repair when it inevitably gets dinged. If there is any performance difference between the two constructions you are unlikely to notice it in the short term :-)

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