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Mad Frog 21st August 2006 05:42 PM

Would you know where I could find advanced guidance on rigging for slalom boards:

Mast Position on board when considering strong winds, board control, sail size, fin size.

Harness Position: Scientific approach to harness position rather than "look & feel" approach, eg Position of centre of harness lines to the % of the boom (given sail size etc)

Fin Size & shape: Determining what fin to use -> Sailor Weight, Board Size, Sail Size, Sailing objective (Upwind vs crosswind speed)

Foot strap positioning

With thanks

Mad Frog

Kevin Pritchard 23rd August 2006 02:42 PM

RE: Rigging
Mad Frog,

What board are you using??

Mad Frog 23rd August 2006 07:06 PM

RE: Rigging
That's the issue. I'm constantly switching boards and swapping booms and sails around. I was therefore wandering whether there was a scientific approach to rigging (esp Mast & Harneess line position) instead of a "trial and adjust" approach? I tried using reference points, but they wash/ fade away!
Small Boards: Sonic 95, Modified Kombat 95, Custom Falcon 90 (use the sonic in flat and falcon in chop)
Largish: iSonic 125, Falcon 131 (Mostly Falcon)
Many thanks if you have any hints
Best regards

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