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MOP 31st January 2010 11:48 PM

What board sail combo
Hi !
I have a tabou rocket 125 (standard version 2009) and a severne ncx 8.0 (2009). I will buy a ncx pro 6,5 to replace my gaastra remedy 6,4 (2006).
My local spot is a light wind spot, and the wind varies quite a lot(gusty) and there is usually a lot of chop.
Im looking for a board-sail combo which gives me the earliest planing possible, but at the same time I need a bit of top end because the wind varies and it is choppy conditions (and I dont like to be slow..).
I guess I am intermediate-advanced (working on those full planing jibes)and my weight is 89 kg.
Im looking to Futura 133 (carbon)- is this i good choice?
I think it is more difficult to choose sail- is it necessary to change my ncx 8,0 at all? is there much to gain by changing it for an element 8,5? element 9,5? glide 8,5? ncx pro 9,0?

Thankful for any answers

Best regards MOP

PG 1st February 2010 02:16 PM

More planing and bigger equipment seems to be the objective.

A 9 m2 sail (ncx 9.0) on a slightly larger board should work out well. The Futura 133 is probably a good pick. But then the jump from a 9.0 to a 6.5 is going to be quite big. The second smaller sail should maybe be a NCX 7.0.

As your spot is very gusty I don't think that the Glide 8.5 will work out that well. Those sais are according to tests best suited for stable lightish winds.

MOP 4th February 2010 01:32 AM

What about element 8,5? is this a good compromise between ncx 9.0 and glide 8.5?

Thanks again

Ken 4th February 2010 02:24 AM


You say "earliest planing possible". If you really mean this, why not the 141 or 155? One board won't offer planing at 10 knots and a "bit of top end" in 20 knot chop. The Formula experience may come closest to doing everything you want, but it is certainly a different type of sailing experience than a Futura.

I think you need something at can handle a least a 9.0-9.5 sail, but this size sail will work better with the 141 or 155.

Why carbon? Stiffer and rougher ride than the wood. I doubt the weight difference will be noticed, but the smoother ride will.

MOP 5th February 2010 03:07 AM

I do not want a formula(though I havent tried one....). I guess I mean as early planing as possible and still have som carving ability. my smaller board is a 104 liter fsw. I dont want a board in between these two.
What I want som comments on is: will 133 be too small a step up, and also element 8,5? glide 8,5?
Ken: Interesting comment on the carbon version. Have you tried it? Starboard promises better acceleration, which means a lot in light wind.. Has anyone tried it?
Too stiff in chop?

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