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eric b 125 7th February 2010 08:51 PM

boom size
i'm a novice and i apologize for all the basic questions i've been asking. i really appreciate all the help everyone has given me.

my boom has a range of 182-244 cm. does this mean that it will fit sails that have a boom measurement of 182-244, or is there a recommended amount of extra space i should give myself for tuning?

i got the boom in a rig package for an 8.5, but i'd like to get a 6.5 that has a 200 cm boom length. i figure this will be okay, but how close to the 182 do you think i can get? thanks again.

eric b

Unregistered 7th February 2010 09:51 PM

If you're looking at a sail rated 200 cm & your boom goes to 182 cm, then no problem. You are correct in that there can be some variation from 200 cm, but 18 cm is more than enough.

Unregistered 7th February 2010 10:00 PM

I read your question a second time & may have misunderstood. If your asking if you can go smaller than 6.5, ie. with a boom length less than 200 cm, then the answer is yes you can go to 182 cm. If anything, the boom will be most stiff at this point. There may be some added swing weight in manouvers (compared to a smaller boom), but probably of little signifance for a novice.

Roger 8th February 2010 12:42 AM

Hi Eric b 125;
Unreg has it correct.
The real issues with booms come when you buy a sail that's very near to the max extension of the boom.
You almost always want an extra 5-10 cm so you can add additional outhaul to the sail
to flatten it out when you are sailing overpowered.
Also, a boom at the extreme of it's extension range tends to become less stiff and the possibility of bending or breaking the boom is greater as you near the max extension.
So, yes you can get a sail that's maybe 178 cm boom length and still have enough boom (with your 182 cm boom fully collapsed) to work with.
As suggested, the boom will be at it's stiffest in this configuration, and may be heavier and have more swing weight than a shorter boom extended about half way.
Hope this helps,

eric b 125 8th February 2010 06:47 AM

perfect. thank you very much guys. this will allow me to buy a mast with a higher carbon content for the 6.5.

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