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73 kilos 15th February 2010 02:47 PM

board blown out of the water in strong winds
My 80 liter wavecult 236*57 offers very good control for its volume, but when i am on full power 4.2 and smaller, the board is just too big and takes off without me. With 73 kilos i cant press it down anymore in nuking winds, and lose control.

I am looking for an replacement/ addition. My next board up is a 100 liter freestyle and would like to keep 2 quiver board for 3.7-6.2 sails.

Conditions: Gorge/ Flatwater

Which *board/ volume would suit me best?
Kode 74? 68?


davide 15th February 2010 10:35 PM

Hi Mark, I am about your same weight (70) and I own a Acid 74, which is about the same size of a Kode (I think 0.5 cm wider/5 cm longer). The Acid starts to get big in 3.7 conditions. I used to have a Chango 65 that was a dream in powered up 4.2-3.5 but the problem was that it was the ultimate sinker, and there was not a single exit without long periods struggling to get going, so I sold it and now I struggle a bit in the nuking days.

If the Kode 74 is a bit slower/controllable than the Acid (I don't know) it might be all you need, and it will keep a somewhat acceptable gap with your next board. The Kode 68 is a sure bet. Is it too small? Hard to tell and I would also be interested in comments from the team.

Safest would be to keep what you have and add the Kode 68, given the little value of used equipment it might be the best solution, I have a lot of friends doing B&J and waves and they do have a 3 boards quiver: 68-80/85-100 cover most conditions at our weight, 74-100 might also work.

crazychemical 16th February 2010 01:00 AM

my advice is to go for the 68. If you already have a 80 l board i think a 68 will add more fun to your sailingexperience because of the much more differenciated feel between rides.

The kodes are freestylewaves so don't underestimate their speed. They're meant to move, act and react to harsh pushes and pops but not to smooth, more delicate weight displacements like a hardcorewave would. Off coure, when you're sailing 4.2, the difference is very small.

If you want a 2 board quiver for 3.7-6.2 my advice would be 68 for 3.7 up to 5.0 (max) and 5.0 and up you should be able to pull off on a 90 L freestylewave like board. Me personally, i sail everything on 90 L from 4.2 up to 6.2. Granted, its not comfortable but i'm a big guy and i can manage it, especially since i sail a hardcorewave board. I'd replace it with something smaller but i don't have the money :-p

I'm not going to tell you exactly which board to buy. You're on a SB site, so you can check all the wave and freestylewave boards they have. But all boardmanufacturers have freestylewave boards, all with different measurements and volumes. Inform yourself on whats on the marked before you buy. I mean, a cm in width may seem irrelevant but sometimes it's just what you need. Same for length.

hope this helps (nah, it probalby gave you more questions :-p)



Unregistered 16th February 2010 05:00 AM

thnx for the anwsers, they are not confusing actually. i would never buy a 90 liter fsw. i like a dedicated freestyleboard in 100 liter and would not part with it

so i guess the kode 74 would partner it okay. although that at full power 3.7 wind if i understand davide correct it has not the limitless topend as i look for. but a hell of a lot better as my current wavecult 80 that gets blown away. even the kode 74 might be a bit smaller footprint as the acid 74 of davide's. will be on the lookout for a kode 74 secondhand as of now

a kode 68 would probably be to small in volume for the gusty winds here.

did some reading on this forum, interesting ola claims that besides width , also length is important regarding boards gettn blown ot of the water. would a 230 board * 55,5 be okay ?

Unregistered 16th February 2010 05:50 PM

found a great deal on a used kode 74 2009 wood edition !

last Q. how ist slogging out on this board when wind drops? using 3.7-4.2 manic and 4.7 blade

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