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Shorehamsurfer 16th February 2010 03:22 AM

Green on the nose...
Hi there,

I'm new to the forum but have been a fan and owner of Starboard boards in both SUP and Windsurfing for the past few years most recently with a quad 76 and a 11'2" SUP which i love.

Today following a recent week in Dahab at Neilson where I tested one i received my new Kode 112, on the whole it looks great but there seems to be some Greening to the wood on the nose, I didnt notice anything like this on the ones in dahab and have never seen any on other boards,

Do you think the board may be faulty or are some of them prone to some greening? its quite a large area by the logo and seems to be in a clear triangle shape.

Hopefully these links will work to let you see what i mean... though its quite hard to get on film...

The shop i got it from says they can be like this from time to time but i wanted a second opinion as they could be a bit biased ;)

Any thoughts much appreciated... its a bit disapointing as the board wasnt cheap,


nonopr 16th February 2010 04:34 AM

I have this in a few of my boards. Wood is a natural material so it might get darker with the sun, with water, with time, etc... No major and the ones in my board have not grown or gotten any darker in a year. Your good.

Ken 16th February 2010 09:33 PM

I have seen this too (darker triangle area) and my guess is that you are seeing through the very thin wood layer to another layer of material below. It probably wraps around the rails for added strength / ding resistance.

Maybe someone from Starboard will give us the real story on this.

Shorehamsurfer 16th February 2010 09:44 PM

Thanks Guys, good to hear its not just my board, I think it looks like the wood got wet from rain or subjected to some form of liquid at some stage in the production, I wonder if a vice of some form with a Triangular head is on the board during some stage when the exposure happened which explains the straight edges,

I know it is purely aesthetic but it is a shame as all the other Wood boards I have seen from them have not been marked like this, have to go Wood Carbon like my quad moving forward!


Remi 17th February 2010 05:42 AM

Hi Shorehamsurfer,

This just the reinforcement for the nose that you can see under the 0,6mm Wood to prevent the impact from mast or boom. Nothing about color change for the wood.

All the best

Shorehamsurfer 17th February 2010 04:03 PM

Thanks Remi,

It seems a bit odd that you cant see this on most boards though, it definitely looks more like some staining of some form as its not even in colour, surely 6mm pine is too thick to see through?

nonopr 17th February 2010 04:13 PM

not 6mm thick. is .6mm. Thanks

nonopr 17th February 2010 04:15 PM

Check what the construction details of the wood boards in this link:

"Developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard's trademark construction since 1995. Starboard's production Wood boards then set the lead in lightweight sandwich technology, weighing in at a kilo under the competition, yet with higher impact resistance.
A sheet of 0.6 mm Australian pine wood forms the full outer shell of the board. Wood's unique properties are its natural rigidity, superior resistance to compression and higher energy absorption compared to carbon. It is the construction with the highest dynamic shape stability.

•Lighter weight
•Highest dynamic shape stability
•Rigid flex
•Quad, Kode, Flare, Futura, iSonic
•Heavy Duty DUR-X Wood construction on the Quads, the Kode 80 and smaller."

Shorehamsurfer 17th February 2010 11:19 PM

Fair enough, I'm quite stagered that its possible to get a piece of wood that thin for such large pieces, 0.6mm is minute, must be like a piece of tape effectively, well its good to hear its not faulty, shame its not even (i.e the top of the triangle isnt in the middle) it would look better if that was the case, either way I have no doubt I'll enjoy sailing it whatever!



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