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Rbp 24th February 2010 11:28 PM

Code red 09 mast
Hi, i just bought a severne code red 7.0 2009. Have any of you used other masts in this sail than enigma or red line?
Can i trust, that if the bend curve, and icms is the same as enigma or redline, the mast will work in the sail?

Does the diameter have an effect(i am not thinking about rdm)?

Can you recommend any european online shops that sells enigma or redline, i am having a hard time finding any shops that sells severne masts.

Jean-Marc 26th February 2010 03:00 PM

I'm using a 2006 Code Red 7.7m2 with a North Sails Viper Race 460 cm IMCS 25 mast with perfect results. The tapered diameter of the North mast (called drop shape) fits neatly with the cambers even thought 2006 Code Red don't have cam spacers.
Didn't tested yet how it works with a Code Red 2009 sail but I'm pretty sure it will match.

Red Line masts are not produced anymore and have been superseeded by Enigma masts as of 2009.

Severne sails european dealers can be found here :

Cheers !


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