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Stev-0 3rd March 2010 07:10 AM

Severne 6.0 Mojo and Kode 103 combo - anybody sailed either?

Has anyone sailed the Severne Mojo and can offer first hand feedback on the 6.0?

I've read this test and interview with Mr Severne: but I want to get some first hand feedback...

I have a Severne S-2 6.4 and S-1 5.6 and want a 6.0 Mojo for flat water blasting, bump'n'jump and on-shore waves. I'm an advanced sailor @80kg and thinking about getting the Kode 103 and powering it up with a 6.0 Mojo as that sounds like an awesome combination of grunt, maneoverability and speed - on paper...

Unfortunately there are no Mojos coming into New Zealand by the Severne distributor :-( so I'm trying to source a 6.0 from the UK or overeas - any suggestions?...

Is the Mojo a limited edition sail? i.e going to be hard to get one?

Is the 6.0 Mojo OK as a lightish wind wavesail for onshore/gusty conditions compared to the S-1 5.9 or Gator 6.0?

Is the 6.0 a quick sail for fast freeriding compared to the NCX and Gator?

How 'back handy' is it? - good to pump onto the plane, throw into forward loops and for old/new school freestyle?

How does it compare to the Gator 6.0 and 5.9 S-1 for wavesailing?

What is the top end control/speed and low end grunt like?



griff 7th March 2010 03:18 PM

no mojo experience; just sailed my new kode 103 with S1 6.3 yesterday for the first time; 6.3 -5.8 should be the ideal sailsize for the board, board planes very quick (sailed a skate 107 with the S1 6.3) before and it planes just as quickly, nice controlled board, carves realy nice and is agile as well. Nice thing about the board is:
- very good upwind
- you can blast very well and is very agile for style and jumping
- nice doomed deck
- very light

good partner for a 81liter quad to get more time on the water ;-)

Stev-0 11th March 2010 05:40 AM

Cheers for your insight Griff. The K103 sounds like the sort of thing I'm after for 6.4-5.
6 conditions and to partner it with a Mistral 84L twin fin.

I'd love to get a sense what the Severne 6.0 Mojo would be like on the K103 i.e. run a power hungry blasting sail on a fast and manoeuvre orientated board. Sounds like a sweet set up for an advanced sailor?

agrelon 11th March 2010 03:08 PM

Would probably work well for bump and jump.

I use a race sail with a cross over board. I really appreciate the windrange of a cambered sail.

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