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Wim 8th March 2010 03:13 AM

Futura 141/155 compared to F-type 148
I have a F-Type 148 (model 2006). Would an Futura 141 or 155 give me much more early planning and control compared to my F-type?

My weight is 95kg and I sail the board with a NP V8 10m2.

If yes would my ideal board be a futura 141 or 155 (please note that I want to maximize early planning).

Best regards,


rem_cl 9th March 2010 07:16 AM


I have 3 boards for my wife, son and me: Go 155, 2005 freeformula 158, formula experience 160. I think the Go 155 (heavier Futura) is very different than FF or Experience in feeling, is very dificult to find a more funny board than the F-Type, early planning, fast, ease to sail, etc. if you already use 10mts V8, maybe you will find more interesting go to the Formula experience, a durable construction, also extreme upwind and fast downwind curses is a whole new world to discover.
Sorry my bad english.
Best regards.

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