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jary 8th March 2010 03:58 AM

Futura 133 vs Isonic 121
I want to bye a new board for planing as early as possible.
My weight is 75 kg and I am an intermediate advanced rider.
Given that I will use a Glide 8,5 m2 for both board-alternatives;
wich board will plane easiest of the Futura 133 and the Isonic 121?
Will the Isonic 121 be harder to jibe compared to Futura 133?

Best regards
Jacob from Norway

Remi 8th March 2010 09:10 PM

Hi Jacob,

For early planning the iSonic 121 will be the best but Glide will give better result on the Futura particularly if you don't pump to get planning. Anyway jibe will be easier alos on the Futura.
With this sail I will recommand you more the Futura 141 to have good planning and good ride.

Hope this help

All the best

Jawa 9th March 2010 03:59 PM

Hi Jacob,

I had the chance to sail the 2010 F131 and the isonic 121 at Furteventura last September - No doubt, both boards are fantastic.
Conditions were marginal, 5 - 8 m/s, and I was restricted to a NP RS slalom race sails, size 6,7 m2, wich was the biggest they had at Rene Eglis.
I was a wopping 100 kgs at the time. Both boards had the 42 Drake fin, which was not ideal.

Not surprisingly the isonic release faster thanks to the sharper rails. Jibing is excellent as well - It is actually quite easy to plane through.

The F131 is also super fast with the proper setup, and has the best jibing qualities of any board I have ever sailed.

Both boards planed equally early, though it must be said that I expect that a different fin would have helped the early planning quite a bit, lowering my thereshold from around 7 m/s to at least 6 m/s. The same goes for increased sail size. With the ideal setup pre 6 m/s planning should be achiveable for me, and the makes a great difference in the outer Oslofjord area which is my hometurf in the summertime.

I am super impressed with the shapes - the both deliver the sensation of riding a "small" board, which is paramount for the fun factor.

The Isonic though is a bit more direct an nervous, which makes for more tiering and less relaxed ride. The Futura is the definition of Smoothness and control. Still it made me feel almost as fast as on the Isonic - and I was still outspeeding all other sailers by a good margin.

I was lucky to have access to the woodcarbon edition - And I would favour this for the F131 - especially if early planning and top bottom end is the focus. For smaller boards wood is probably still going to be my choice.
Hope this helps - best of luck.

jary 10th March 2010 01:22 AM

Thanx a lot Remi and Jawa for helpful information!
After very much thinking (!) I think I will go for iS133 W/C combined with a Glide 8,5. Think it will be a good solution for me. Going to order the equipment next week, looking foreward to that!! See you in the outer Oslo-fjord in the summer Jawa..


Remi 11th March 2010 02:58 PM

Hi Jary,

With this sail you will be more comfortable and efficient on the Futura 141 W/C.

All the best

MOP 13th March 2010 04:48 AM

Hi Remi!
I am sorry, but I am a bit confused by your answer. I am also considering bying a futura 133 and a glide 8.5(my weight is 89 kg).
Aim: early planning but still be able to sail comfortably with my new ncx pro 6.5.
According to Severne the recommended sail size is 6.0-9.5.
9.5 is a square meter bigger than glide 8.5, and you also recommend the overdrive 8.5 as the ideal sail for futura 133.
Is the glide in a special posistion here, since 8.5 is not recommended by you for this board?(Like it has power of a 9.5-10 meter sail and this is why it is necessary with a bigger board matching this?)
Is not the sail size recommendation valid for the glide?

I guess what I am asking is this: Is F133 a good board for both ncx pro 6.5 and the glide 8.5? Or should i rather stick to my "old" 2009 ncx 8.0

Thank you very much for any respons.

Remi 14th March 2010 10:42 AM


You want to plane early and with the Glide the Futura 141 will be better than the 133. The 8,5 Glide have enormous power compare to Overdrive or Ncx, is definitelly not the same profil. Recommend you the C3 Venom 50 on it.

You can use your 6,5 Ncx in strong winds on it with a the C3 Venom 42

Hope this help

All the best

MOP 14th March 2010 03:37 PM

Hi and thank you very much again!
Just to be sure:
"You can use your 6,5 Ncx in strong winds on it with a the C3 Venom 42"
Are you referring to the 133 or the 141 liter?

Remi 14th March 2010 06:55 PM


Both of them they are very close to each other in hi-winds but the 141 plane earlier and sure with 8,5 Glide you will be very satisfy

Have fun

All the best

MOP 15th March 2010 04:36 AM

Ok,I now understand than F 133 is not a good board for the Glide 8.5.
Do you think element 8.5 is a good combination to go with the F 133 for light wind planing, or is it not much better than my ncx 8.0 (regarding early planing)..(sorry about all these questions but I have to order this week and I still havent decided yet what to buy:-)

Again thank you very much for your time and answers

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