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torgard 12th March 2010 10:41 AM

2005 Kombat 85 - Is it worth getting?
I'm based in Korea and have a Kombat 89 which I'm very happy with, particularly with the way I can get use out of it even in light 6.5m winds with a large 30cm fin.
I would like a similar board to keep in the UK for my frequent visit. Initially I thought I'd just get used Kombat 89 or 87, however I've now seen a used Kombat 85 at a good price which I'm interested in. And here's why. I'm 70kg, and at 50 years old and find the Kombat 89 just a touch too fast for me over heavy chop or when overpowered. I like jumping, I play in waves when they're around (but I'm not hard-core) but I'm not too concerned about ultimate speed. I use sails from 4.5m to 6.5m. The reviews I've read about the 2005 K85 including postings on this forum indicate that this would be a good board for me. My only concern is that I will loose out on the light wind ability of the 89. I've read the phrase "slower to plane" a number of times. Does this mean that it just takes more technique and effort to get up on a plane or does it mean that I would need more wind?
Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

Ola_H 12th March 2010 02:38 PM

Yeah, the 05 Kombats are slower to plane. Or maybe better put, you need a bit more feel and balance to get them planing really early and they will not give the "crisp" feedback as the newer Kombats or Kodes. The difference in actual wind power it get it planing is not big, I would say, it's more of a feel thing. But from the sound of it, you may in fact like the more damped feel of the K85.

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