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elivillalabeitia 20th March 2010 05:05 AM

new carve vs futura
Ok, i was waiting for someone to post a thread over the new carve and the the comparison with Futura. No tests available just yet, which would be best Futura is already a very good board, I guess that carve would handle better jibes and more confortable, and futura would be faster and planning early, but would it be really a noticeable difference for the average sailor?

PrydeMan 23rd March 2010 09:17 AM

Another question would be, what about the up and coming 2011 version of the Futura, will it be more sporty towards the iSonic? Like what JP did with the 2010 model of the Supersport. Fingers crossed.

elivillalabeitia 23rd March 2010 09:48 PM

I agree there is a lot to know behind the strategy to relaunch the carve, I would like to get more info from the team. I had a carve 144 and Futura 133.
I sold my screamer 114 and need a replacement probably around 120 lts, mainly to sail with 7 , 7,5 8,5, my goal is to sail very confortable and with medium wind, 80 kg, carve or futura?. I tend to think carve 131 or futura 120.

PrydeMan 24th March 2010 03:08 PM

I'm looking at replacing my 2009 red Futura 93 and 111, but I'm hoping the 2011 Futura model will be more sporty and faster towards the isonic, but not full on like the isonic. My mate upgraded his JP Supersports from a 2008 to a 2010 model, where the new model was much faster and a little more techincal, but not full on like the slalom model.

With the Carve back on the product list, I hope the Futura will get a upgrade to make it just a bit closer to the isonic for speed, but still be able to go cruising when you are not in mood for flat out power (e.g. be more of a freerace board, than freeride).

nbtgm1 26th March 2010 06:25 PM

NewCarve - features?
I am also curious about the new Carve. I have an old Carve 133 (and a JP X-Cite 105). Very pleased with the Carve (6.5 + 7.8), but looking for new board now. Had almost settled on the Futura 122 when the news about the Carve came the other day. As a recreational racer, I might be happy with a Carve in the same size (120). But how will the Futura and the new Carves compare? What are their specific advantages? We are waiting for more info! And, while I am here, 3xcheers for Starboard and their magnificients boards!

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