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paulwind 21st March 2010 05:46 AM

Kombat 95 slow to plane
I've got a 2005 Kombat 95 and find it's slow to plane with the stock 28cm fin with a 7.0 mtr sail. Is it worth buying an aftermarket 30cm fin or am i asking the wrong things from this board? I think it's just like a big wave board and doesn't seem happy with anything over 6 mtrs. I'm thinking of going back to a more freeride orientated board like a carve as the Kombat is good when it's full on 6 mtr weather but struggles to plane if it's a bit gusty. Being US box the fins are few and far between 2nd hand and i don't really want to fork out 70 new. My last 100 litre board was an old Fanatic Cross 100, wish i'd kept it now.

mike 21st March 2010 10:22 PM

I think 7.0 is too big for the board for most people. On the year newer board than yours, I've done ok with a 6.5 freeride sail, 30 cm fin & outboard footstraps, but even this "bogs down" the board a bit if winds are light. My experience is same as yours in that the board works best with max. 6.0ish.

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