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*MC* 24th March 2010 05:15 AM

Sail recommendations?
I have a perfect situation since I can choose the board and the rig I want and my lovely husband pays it all. Perfect but not easy...:rolleyes:

I think I'll have Rio S. I'm able to handle GO with 6,3 Gaastra Echo (not in a very stylish way) but I think I would enjoy Rio more. Next summer's goal is to find footstraps and learn to use harness and some sunny day maybe plane too.

It's mainly light wind on the lake. My weight is 60 kg. Do you have any idea what sail would match Rio S so that it's easy to handle but could get me planning? Is 6,5 sail big enough? It doesn't have to be pink but easy rigging would be great. My husband would buy me Severne NCX 7,5. Do you think it would be a good choice? There's not that many used sails on the market so buying a used one is not an option.

Thanks for answering! Wish you all the best for the spring and the summer!

Roger 25th March 2010 11:04 AM

Hi CM,
First, what size GO do you have now? GO 145/150; Go 165; GO 185/200?
At 175 Liters, the Rio S does suit your weight, but the GO boards (even the smaller ones) will most likely plane earlier that the Rio S.
If you need the centerboard (to stay upwind in very light winds) the yes, the Rio S will
give you that.
I'm hoping to sail the new 2010 Rio S in the next week or so.
As far as what sail size, since your husband is buying you what ever rig you need I would suggest larger than a 6.5 m2.
Since you are small, and a woman, do all you can to get a 100% carbon mast to suit whatever sail you choose.
The difference in weight from an =< 75% mast in your 6.2 m2 Gaastra Echo to a 7.5 m2 NCX with
a 100% mast will be very noticeable.
If you feel the 7.5 m2 is too large, then see if you can get a 7.0 NCX Pro on a Red Line 100% 460 cm mast.
That would be about as light in weight as you can get.
If the 7.0 still seems too large, look at the 6.5 NCX Pro on the same 460 cm Redline 100% carbon mast.
Where are you located that there are not tons of used sails on the market?
Many of the remaining WS shops have lots of used sails (as well as closeouts and demo sails).
Another super light weight sail to consider would be the Severne Glide 7.5 m2 which should be even lighter and more powerful in light winds than the NCX Pro.
At 60 kilos (132 lbs.) you won't need too large a sail, but you will need a powerful sail that can get you planing very early.
If you are having issues staying upwind on the GO board you have, let me know and we can give you some techniques to try that will keep you upwind nearly as well on the GO with no centerboard as you would on the Rio S with the center board, and the GO will get planing earlier because it's lighter.
Hope this helps,

*MC* 25th March 2010 02:54 PM

Thanks Roger for very detailed answer!
I'll try to learn that by heart and give my husband a very sophisticated answer later this evening :-)

Where do we live... In a windsurfer's paradise where even the sea is frozen at the moment and it will take until May the lake we go is free from ice.

I liked that "do all you can to get a 100% carbon mast" :-) I'll try to come up with something. I guess I'll buy that Rio S Sport anyway and when the time and especially the weather is right, I'll try our GO again. I know the technique in paper but I should have time to try that on water and then come back and ask the right questions.

But thanks again! This was very helpful!

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