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kiwiben 24th March 2010 11:01 AM

Are Hypersonics any good?
There is a Hypersonic 111 for sale here for US$400.

Should I buy it?
What will it do for me?
Why did Starboard drop the hypersonic line?

cheers, Ben

PS. Current board carve 122, 100kg

John1 24th March 2010 03:29 PM

If You are very strong and want to fight, I think you can sail very high against the wind and with a very high velocity.
itīs important with maximal good tuning with boompotition (not to high). Use a lot of downhaul for the sail and a sail with forward power. All this recommendations are to prevent the problem that the you will have the sensation that the forward foot is going out of the footstrap (to much power for the backleg). I think itīs written a lot of this discussion (hypersonic/fronfoot)
Good luck.

kiwiben 24th March 2010 04:03 PM

thanks my man... i will look it up and take your advice... ben

Unregistered 24th March 2010 04:52 PM

If you really only wanted ONE board and your usage is blasting, fun slalom and/or a bit of fun course racing, a Hyper is the ONLY choice.
I keep one overseas with some sails so I can travel the region to events.
Its still competitive, fast and will get you through the lulls better than almost anything.
It easily takes 6.0 to 9.0 although mine is the 105.
I cant tell you to buy it because I dont know what your aims / usage is ?
At your weight and assuming you do a bit of light wind free sailing, a 2nd hand Free Formula may be a better idea ?

kiwiben 25th March 2010 05:38 AM

I am into blasting for fun, usually in 15-20knots but often in about 13 knots where the carve takes alot of sail to get someone my weight (100kg) planing. I even use a 9m sail with it sometimes... naughty boy, but it seems to work...:)

I wonder if the hyper's ability to "officially" take a 9m sail would get me going better, but then maybe the 11 litres less volume would cancel any gain...?

norm 26th March 2010 02:29 AM

I have sailed the hyper 111 for 5 years with sails ranging from 5,5 to 9 sqm V8 sails. This board revolutionized my time on the water. Pre hyper - I went sailing when I had time and the wind was blowing, post hyper acquisition - I went sailing when time allowed, wind was no longer a factor.

There are a few factors to consider before buying on though. The stubby design makes it more difficult to pull the rig compared to a similar sized carve.
The fin is relatively small (stock fin is 42 cm). In the beginning, I struggled quite a bit to get the board into plane as I loaded the fin to early, causing spin outs (if that is what you call sideways sailing at 5 knots). There are a few threads her about this issue. On the other hand, in high winds and choppy conditions, the problem is opposite, the board accelerates so fast that you are blasting away at maximum speed before you have managed to put your feet in the straps. (I prefer to put the straps all the way out and back).
Jibes are also a bit tricky, you got to get the weight distribution right.
The short bow makes fast sailing in choppy conditions quite scary. You get the feel that it will nosedive into the next wave. Said so, it never does.
I guess the board was discontinued as it is a full fledged slalom board which require a fine tuned rig and rider - but it is not as fast as the Sonic/ Isonics of the world. But if you have the skills - I would claim that it is the best board money can buy as a one board solution for blasting purposes.
(ps - I weigh 80 kg and for me planing at 13 knots is a breeze. I believe that it should be possible for you as well, but to be sure, you should get more advice on this)
Good luck

kiwiben 26th March 2010 03:25 AM

thanks Norm, sounds encouraging... do you think it would plane in lighter winds than my carve 121?

norm 26th March 2010 06:20 AM

I guess it should plane in less wind as the hyper is 10,5 cm wider overall and the tail is 12 cm wider (2005 specifications), but I have not tried the carve so it is a theoretical answer.

Tip: Consider using a bigger fin for the really light wind days will help a lot with the early planing.


Roger 26th March 2010 07:46 AM

Hi Kiwi Ben,
At 100 kilos, the Hyper 125 would most likely be better for you.
All the Hypersonics "shared" the same bottom/planing surface configuration in a particular year model.
First one to come out in 2003 was the Hyper 105, but many larger/heavier sailors felt the volume was too low, and had issues getting the 105 ltr Hyper going. So later in the model year Starboard came out with the 125 liter. The outline and bottom shapes were the same, the 125 was simply "thicker" (they added the extra volume to the top of the board vs the bottom or width).
In the second year, 2004, I had all 3 Hypersonics (133/111/96 liters).
The bottom shapes were identical, and the 133 and 111 had identical outline shapes.
The Hyper 96 was very slightly narrower at the tail.
At 100 kg. you can probably get the Hyper 111 going, but you are going to be very near the semi-sinker threshold with a rig as large as 9.0 m2.
Not to discourage you, but getting acquainted with and learning to "love" the Hypersonics was not real easy for alot of sailors.
You either loved them, or hated them.
If you want a challenge, pick up the Hyper 111 for $400 and let us know how you get along with it.

kiwiben 26th March 2010 12:30 PM

I am blessed with the prescence of greatness in the name of Roger... thank you Guru!

mmm interesting... I do like a challenge. The biggest challenge may be managing to buy the board without my wife noticing... :) But seriously, I would love to have that board because it seems to be such a polarising, radical, game changer. It would be like owning a 1974 fender telecaster. (Or whatever year they came out with it was). Riding it for the first time would be like having sex with a hermaphrodite. As in, you may not like it but it would be a crying shame to turn down the opportunity if it came along... OK maybe I need to find another metaphor...

Anyway, let's assume I will sink unless moving. (the carve pretty much does this already if I take longer than 3 seconds to uphaul my 9m) I don't mind waterstarting with my 9m, so assuming i can get the rig up in light winds do you think I will thereafter have a more speedy and satisfying session with the Hyper vs. the carve?

Maybe this is a new thread, but it is interesting they made the boards simply thicker to boost volume. This must surely be of value only in an uphauling situation vs. a waterstart situation. I say this because in a W/start you have effectively admitted defeat in trying to stand and uphaul and are using the hull shape (as it moves forward) to rise and hold your weight. In theory if all hypers had the same shape on the bottom surface they would all rise equally well once moving. Do you agree guru? Once the boards are cruising/planing all that extra volume would be well above the waterline so it would just be useless weight wouldn't it? I think us big guys should get extra width or something with our extra volume, in any board that is primarily expected to be waterstarted.

I am so jealous of you rich guys that can buy new gear.

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