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BelSkorpio 2nd April 2010 03:41 AM

isonic 101 footstraps - difficult to make bigger
I'm getting closer to finally use my newly bought isonic 101 / 2009.

Yesterday, I took a closer look at the Drake footstraps and I noticed that they are very difficult to make bigger.

At bare feet, no problem. But I don't live in the bahamas and I almost always need surf boots. So bigger footstraps are a must.

Today I've bought neilpryde footstraps and installed them on the isonic. Feels much better. They stay better fixed in the bigger position.

Anyone with the same experience ?

Remi 2nd April 2010 07:14 AM

Hi BelSkorpio,

The new 2010 foot-straps are much easier to use for this case and more comfortable.

Thanks for your feedback

All the best

Unregistered 2nd April 2010 12:14 PM

Exactly the same experience and went to NP straps. Still not perfect but seem to be easier to get into in the colder months. Good that *Board are working on improving the standard straps.

Ken 2nd April 2010 09:29 PM

Same deal with the 08 straps (iS 111), but they do streatch out with use and occasional "pulling" to expand their size. I have size 12 US (45-46 Euro) feet and wear 3mm winter booties and can still get my feet in with little problem. I am glad that Starboard has addressed the problem.

COACHG 3rd April 2010 12:02 AM

I ran into the same prbolem with both my Futrua's along with my Isonic. Bare foot the straps were fine, but with booties I couldn't make the Drake straps wide enough as the velcrow system only adjusts the height. Many of the places I sail require booties so this was my option.
They don't have a quick adjustment, but who cares? Once set they never come loose. The only way to adjust them is with a screwdriver which is fine by me. These straps are also far more comfortable then standard straps.


kvda 3rd April 2010 12:21 AM

The straps on my 101 2010 are the same as the 2009 straps: they suck.

SB should fix them with 2 bolts each site, thats better than 1 at each site, and twisting is over (no, I dont use the k9 inserts, makes the bolt longer and break).

I use NP straps and Drake racestraps. Only to adjust with a srewdriver, but thats ok for me.

leysenkr 3rd April 2010 12:36 PM

On my 2009 futura foot straps I had the same problem. In between surf sessions I place 2 tennis balls under each foot strap. This stretches them that I can use them with 5mm boots without problems. But when I forget to do this, they shrink again and the chance to make a catapult is getting bigger.

Unregistered 3rd April 2010 01:29 PM

Why is the windsurfing industry for ever "fixing" things that are not broken ?
Keep the good design and just change the colour for Christ sake !
NP finally gave up on string, wire, nuts/bolts batten tensioners and went back to ones they first used about 20 years ago.........
Clamp booms are no doubt one of the great inventions BUT why do we STILL need a piece of string to make them work ?

Per 3rd April 2010 01:41 PM

I've had probably ten different Starboards, and the straps have sucked on all of them...
Fantastic boards but they should leave the strap (and fin) part to someone else.

On my 2008 iSonic 122 I never got into the straps (I'm a US 12 EUR 46 size with boots) and I had to buy new ones (RRD - worked perfectly).

Generally the straps on my Starboards are clumsy and too small. The only exception was on my F159. They were great but fell apart after a few seasons...

What surprises me is, that the other brand straps that I switch to (RRD, Exocet, NP etc.) are of a very simple construction, last forever, are cheap and plenty big enough.

Making a foot strap isn't rocket science.


Unregistered 3rd April 2010 05:23 PM

25 years ago I had "COSTA" 260 and 290 Radical boards from the COBRA factory (It was something to do with boards going to Japan where the Japs couldnt pronounce the "R's"-cobblers !! So they called them Costa)
Anyway, they had neoprene decks and adjustable footstraps with no screws, zips, bolts or velcro.
Amazing !
Anybody else remember them ?
Better still, can anybody guess how they worked ?? !!

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