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Glyn 5th April 2010 07:50 PM

Phantom Race 380 2010 Foot Straps
Hi I have just taken delivery of the new Race 380, and had a problem fitting the beating straps. Just looking at starboard side of the board the two long straps have only 3 slots to accomodate the 4 K9 anti twist plugs. I can get around this by cutting two plugs down in size so that each one has a smaller insert allow the 2 plugs to share the one slot slot in the middle.

Each strap has 3 holes at each end for adjustment, where the two beating straps meet (or butt together) in the middle means that I have to use the closest hole to the edge.
This is not a problem for the forward beating strap because up to two outer holes will lie on the deck, however for the rear beating strap the spare lies over the forward reaching strap. This would mean that I would have to cut the strap so that it would just about fit on the deck next to the reaching strap.

This should not be a problem, but before I cut the beating strap down to size which would involve possible fraying of the webbing (if nylon I can heat it to seal the loose bits).

Can you confirm if the the board should have had 4 slots? or if not that the beating straps will need cutting in order sit on the deck with overlapping the rear reaching strap.

I am reluctant to cut the straps or use the board, in case it is a manufactoring mistake in placing adequate fixing points with relevant spacing to adjust the straps.

If you have read this far .. well done

I have have contacted the importer Tushingham in the UK, but I thought I may get the answer from the the lead guys who designed the board ?
I am wondering why I have to be tested in this way ?


Glyn in Southsea UK

Remi 6th April 2010 12:53 PM

Hi Glyn,

Tha will be more easier to send photos to understand perfectly your problems.

All the best

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