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Unregistered 6th April 2010 05:50 PM

BSA Easter Slalom - a coldwater classic
Easter Weekend 2010 saw the newly formed BSA (british slalom association) run their 1st ever event at the beautiful south beach , Tenby. Freezing easterlies on Saturday saw longboards and SUP's dominating the masterblasters as there wasnt just quite enough wind to plane.

Sunday saw better temperatures,decent wind, and blazing sunshine. With the beach packed with day trippers Chris Lewis from Neil Pryde ran a fantastic commentary ensuring they all went away pretty fired up about windsurfing. The Amatuers and masterblasters had loads of great races. The T-15 kids battled with the shorebreak all day long with Ben Marshall eventually beating all the other juniors and taking 1st place at a special prize giving on Sunday afternoon. For the Adult Mb's it wasnt over yet and for the amateur and Pro slalom it was still winding up in preparation for Monday's forecast wind.

Magic monday arrived with pro fleet slalom sailors taking everything from 5.8-8.0 sails and recreational sailors 5.0-6.0 . The pro fleet wrapped up 4 complete rounds of downwind slalom , culminating in a fantastic beach start race with buoys almost out to Caldey island , 4 gybes and a finish in by the beach. The amateurs as usual got loads in and the masterblasters another 3 races in brilliant planing conditions under bright sunshine.

When all was said and done the results looked like this:
1st Masterblaster - Dave Kent - Cardiff
1st Junior Masterblaster - Ben Marshall - Cardiff
1st Amateur - Nick Martin - Penarth (near Cardiff)
1st Woman - Marie Buchanan- Royston Vasey
1st Pro - Guy Cribb- Bournemouth

Hats off to all the winners - amazing to see such a strong local representation in both the amateur and masterblaster fleets. Maybe next time i can find time to practise more and improve on my 9th place in the pro's (Cribby's gonna take some beating though).

Big thanks to all at Surflink Tenby (especially Mike), Starboard/ Tushingham ,Rat, the BSA race crew and volunteers , and everyone that turned up to make it the best ever national event for newcomers and also the most competitive Pro fleet in the UK for at least a decade.

See you all on the water !!
Scott Harrison - K14

Isonic 144/111/76, Kode 94, Quad 76/71

Unregistered 8th April 2010 04:42 PM

off to tune my gear
So i'm off to tune up my gear, on the isonic 144 i was using a drake 56 fin with a 9.4 on the sunday morning and it was working really well in the lighter stuff - does anyone have any feedback on smaller fins in more powered conditions with a big sail on the 144/133 as it did feel a little draggy at times.

Also with the 111 i only tested it with the 7.8 and 42 fin but the whole combo was waaaaay too big on the monday - but what are folks using fin wise with the 111 and 7,8 in proper powered conditions ? 42/40/38 ???

Scott- K14

mark h 9th April 2010 12:00 AM

Hi Scott, kicking my self for not getting across for this. One of our local speedies attended and looks like he had a great weekend.

9m and 10m in light under cooked conditions: Select Ghost 57cm from 8 knots to 12 knots. Allows for OK angles.

9m and 10m in powered up conditions: Select RS7 51cm from 12 knots to 20 knots (some times more). Perfect for me, peak GPS speeds around 32/33k and loads of control through chop.

9m in over powered conditions: Select SuperFast 48cm from 20 knots upwards (but usually opt for a sleeker board by this time:))

I tried a Select RS7 41cm and a Select Viper 43cm on the iS144 in poweed up conditions, but it was to small, OK downwind, crap upwind.

8m and 9m in under cooked conditions: Select Viper 43cm from 10 knots to 12 knots.

8m and 9m in powered up conditions: Select RS7 41cm from 15 knots to 25 knots. Great fun in this range with GPS peaks at mid thirty knots.

8m over powered conditions: Select RS7 38cm from 20 knots upwards. Only tried this a few times, works ok if you have not taken a smaller board with you.

The Select fins are not has powerfull as the Drake R13, so you could go 1cm smaller on each size. Also, Im 105kg so usually take a slightly bigger fin.

I know that there are better fins than Select or Drake R13, but for fun sailing or non-pro racing, its hard to justify buying a two or three of the more expensive fins for each board. Would require a small mortgage to do so:)

Noticed your getting rid of the iS76, whats going to replace it?

Unregistered 15th April 2010 05:37 PM

Hi Mark

Ahem - been away from the computer for a while ;-)
That's great info for the fins - cheers

So i now have the drake 56 for the 144 and next really windy powered 9.4 day im gonna try a MFC RC 50 that i've acquired - it's a std tuttle so im needing some very very long bolts.
Withe the 111 Ive only really tested it with a 42 MFC SL which is was sweet with a 8.3 but illmainly use it with a 7.8 so will test a K66 40 and a drake 38 that are floating round here (methinks the drake will give just as much lift as the k66)

The is 76 is a great board for open water blasting - but - for me at 85 kilos i was sinking comingout the gybes at tenby for a bit so im looking to get an is 94. The reality is if its windy enough to freesail that 76 then ill be wavesailing and if it's gonna be windy enough at a slalom contest for it (reckon 5.2 and below) then ill actually get round the course faster on my kode. Meanwhile for "normal 7.0-6.0 " racing conditiosn the 94 will give me a fater course VMG.


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