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eSurfer 10th April 2010 01:55 AM

Gator 8 2009 with 460/2009 mast ?
I have recently bouth a Gator 8 year 2009 sail. The spesification on the sail is 490 mast IMCS 29, with 494 luff. I alread have a Severne bluline 460 mast with IMCS 25 and severne 35 cm aluminium extender. I wonder if this may work well with the sail, even though it have different IMCS spesifications. I would like to avoide buying a new mast if it do not make to much a difference.

Roger 10th April 2010 08:19 AM

Hi eSurfer,
Sorry, but there is no way to make an "extended" 460 cm IMCS 25 mast stiff enough
to rig correctly in a sail that needs a 490 cm IMCS 29 mast.
You can rig the 8.0 m2 Gator on your mast with the length of the mast and extension adding up to 495 cm luff length, but the top of the mast will bend long before it would using the correct IMCS 29 mast, so while it would rig up, the top of the sail would get loose and floppy and the lower panels in the sail would never get tensioned correctly.
Go ahead and try it (we know you will) but when you see how poorly it rigs, and if you try to sail it, how poorly it peforms, you will begin to look for the correct mast.
Hope this helps,

eSurfer 10th April 2010 02:38 PM

Thank you for your reply. I will try it (as you know), to see how it works. I see that Sverne at their web page has spesified bluline 460 mast as "compatible" mast for the Gator 8 - 2010 version of the sail - with redline 490 (29 IMCS) as "recomended", and I hope this means that my 460 mast may work acceptable for a non-expert sailer as me for the 2009 version of the sail (unless there hav been made radical changes from the 2009 to 2010 version). If it works to poorly, I guess I have to look for a new mast as you mention.

racerX 12th April 2010 05:31 PM

Its worth a go. I understand that Severne masts are a relatively stiff top mast or at least 'contstant curve', so it may set OK,as it is where the greatest stiffness in the mast is that effects its bend curve. But you wil loose some of the sails bottom end, if your a light sailor you may actually prefer it that way. Also contact severne directly for advice.

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