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Floyd 10th April 2010 03:55 PM

Speed V Slalom V Freeride ?????
We all know if you want to go fgastest get a speed board but just how much quicker are they ??? Not in nuking conditions Antoine broke record in but in condition us mere mortals sail in ???
ie 30 knots flat water; 115 degree (off wind) course ; perfect set up for each board with perfect sail for rider on each board; what would V max of say Isonic 101; Futura 101; etc be ?????

Anybody tried some objective back to back comparison???

agrelon 10th April 2010 06:25 PM

Not sure, but I just got a Futura 93l and a GT-31 GPS so I look forward to seeing how fast I can get. Would be interesting to compare with what other people have achieved.

mark h 10th April 2010 10:21 PM

Hi Floyd.
All small freeride and slalom boards are capable of 40k peaks in the right conditions on the right day.

Not tried iS101 and F101 back to back, but I have tried sonic 100, sonic 90, iS76 and W53 back to back.

Sonic 100 gave great averages, Sonic 90 gave great top speeds, iS76 was fast than the S100 & S90 on both peak and average speeds. The W53 consistantly beat all by a fair margin.

In 30k winds, small fin, flat water and 115 degree (still fairly tight, 125 to 140 degrees is best), you should easily be hitting mid to high 30k's on an iS101 or F101. But in these winds, you could comfortably be on a small speedboard (W44 style) and be hitting over 40k peaks.

In the water conditions that you describe, iS101 Vs F101 I'd say it would be pretty close, less than 1 or 2 knots difference. Efficiency to the iS101 and easier control to the F101. Both these attribute would contribute to highest peaks speeds for different riders.

But in the conditions you described, for much fast peaks (and fun) you would better looking at either an F93 or iS86 if you dont want to go down the "full on" speed board route:)

IRL-250 11th April 2010 10:13 AM

Havn't had a chance to test out my smaller boards back to back as i only got them at the end of last year and then the wind dissapeared for the winter :-( but a friend of mine has both the I Sonic 86 and W49 speedboard and achieves similar speeds on both boards when the speedcourse is square to the wind (90 to 115 degrees). Once the wind is between 125 to 140 degrees the speedboard is clearly faster.

Like Mark said the I Sonic 86 is a perfect board for speedsailing if you don't want a full on speedboard and it is capable of 40 knots plus. Also if where you sail is choppy then a I Sonic 86 would be faster most of the time because a speedboard needs flat water to get the best out of it and can be slower than a slalom board in chop.

Unregistered 12th April 2010 05:57 AM

Certainly Speed boards set records and and ultimately faster are but dont think there`s much difference at all in sheer top speeds of freerides and slaloms.There`s quite a few instances of freerides approaching 40 knots. Martin Van Meurs managed 38knots on a Fanatic Shark which is quite a big freeride to say the least and not renowned for its speed !!

How many so called salalom boards could top out at 38 knots ?????

agrelon 12th April 2010 07:53 AM

I know that on a good day I could make it up to 30 knots on an old AHD 106l freeride board, but at the time I was using a pretty dodgy GPS (garmin etrex) which ended up drowning... despite its IPX7 claims. I think 35knots should be doable on the Futura with my RAM F8. I'll post again on this post my best speeds once I can sail again.

Unregistered 12th April 2010 06:37 PM

Good few years ago now Nick Green (a mate of Dave Whites) won a round (perhaps overall ?) of UK speed championship on an F2 Axis. He managed 41 knots on it and was only using twin cam sails !!!

Perhaps its more to do with angle off wind and flat water rather than Slalom or freeride but reckon Slalom would walk it back up course.(ie at angles less than 90 degrees)

Again ,a few years ago a bloke won monthly speed challenge at Sotavento hire centre on an F2 powerglide; his speed was 41 mph. !! (37knots)

Per 17th April 2010 02:08 AM

I was generally able to do one knot higher GPS speed on my old Carve 145 with a 6.5 no cam than I can do on my iSonic 122 with a 7.0 cammed slalom sail!?!
On the other hand the acceleration, pointing, jibing and especially maxed out control of the iSonic is a lot better, so at the end of the day the slalom board would be fastest around a slalom course.
My S-type 115 would beat them both with a few knots on max speed, but loose everything in planing and pointing..
Slalom, speed freeride?? Different boards for different styles but they do overlap a lot as they are basically all high quality and conditions are unpredictable as a design factor.

Unregistered 17th April 2010 02:23 AM

You must be ridding the isonic wrong cause iS way fast than carve 145, no doubt about that

Per 17th April 2010 11:30 PM

The Carve 145 wasn't slow. It used to win a few slalom races some years ago. And that's one of my points. Modern freerideboards aren't slow or low tech at all. I doubt most riders would be able to squeeze more than 10% more speed out of a slalom board compared to a good freeride board, but those 10% make the whole difference on the racing course. It's not like comparing a family car to a formula 1 racer.
Regarding the iSonic 122 I use a Tushingham Lightning freerace sail, give it plenty of downhaul, loosen it a little on the boom, straps back and out, mast foot in the middle.
Nice, fast and controlled set up and I can really max it - no problem it's a lovely board, but I haven't cranked 30 knots yet ( I sail in quite choppy conditions) as I did on my Carve (which I sailed a LOT!!). Probably it's a matter of time on the water.
It will come though, and I believe the iSonic is capable of +33 knots with my ability.

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