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Goose 11th April 2010 12:13 AM

How to skrew on backstraps on K86 2010?
The footstrap inserts on the backstraps of 2010 K86 are directly on the border between the pads and board. The question is does one skrew on the footstraps using the K9 anti-twist?

It is important to have the screws tight towards the hull of the board, but how do I accomplish this with the height difference between pads and hull? Half the K9 anti-twist "hovers" above the hull of the board!

Anybody with reccomendations how to proceed? Should I ignore the K9 anti-twist?

I have a foto to show the problem but I have no idea how to insert a picture!

Thanx again for several answers!

Roger 11th April 2010 03:15 AM

Hi Goose,
I would suggest that you carefull trim the foot pad just enough to clear the
K9 lock plate.
You could shim under the other side, but then your K9 lock would not function.
If you take a lightly place the K9 lock plate and insert the footstrap screw (be sure to
use some soap on the screw theads as a lubricant) it will center up on the
K9 insert in the board.
Take a marker and draw the outline of the K9 plate on the areas of the footpad
that are in the way.
Remove the FS screw and the K9 plate.
Then use an Exacto knife or razor knife to carefully trim the footpad material (do not
cut the surface of the board!) to the mark you made.
The foot pad material can be carefully trimmed and then pulled up where it in the
Now your K9 locks will be fully functional and the footpad should be fine as you normally
do not put your feet that close to the K9 lock plate.
Hope this helps,

Goose 11th April 2010 03:52 AM

Thanx for your suggestion.

One thing I canīt understand is that the inserts are placed in such a manner on all K86 boards I have seen. The pads are not missplaced on the board as the inserts on both the front (the one in front of the two inserts) and back (the one in the back of the two inserts) of the straps have this property.

It must be a active choice by SB to place the inserts in such a manner. But why...? It certainly makes it more difficult to avoid a bending property on the screws as it is almost impossible to get the whole K9 flat towards the board. I canīt believe that everybody buying a kode 2010 have to cut the pads to get it right!?

Roger 11th April 2010 09:11 AM

Hi Goose,
I'll write off to Starboard HQ in Thailand and ask the R&D guys about this issue.
I'll get back with you here on the forum when they reply.

Goose 11th April 2010 02:27 PM


I set up a picture on another forum so one can understand the problem. It looks the same on both sides of the back strap.


Goose 12th April 2010 03:42 AM

does anybody know where one can buy 7*32 screws? The supplied screws to the straps are slightly bent before even being used...

Tiesda You 19th April 2010 05:28 PM

Hi Goose,

The foam is compressible so it's possible to simply fit the strap as normal into those back holes. The first time does require some pressure to get the strap, K9 plate and screw to reach the insert and grab. But once it grabs, it'll screw down and the foam will compress. Over time, this foam stays compressed after a while, so it's easier to fit the straps on next time.

To be honest, I don't use the K9 plates on the Kode 86, 94 or 103: these models use the thick pads that are compressible, so the strap doesn't twist too easily anyway: the thick EVA pad will form itself around the strap ends and hold it in place nicely.

Regarding screws: send your street address and phone number to She can send you some spare screws, M7x32mm. Please quote this email too, for her reference.

Hope this helps,


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