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nonopr 15th April 2010 01:09 AM

Photos Of the Starboard SUPer 12'6" 2010
Starboard has not uploaded photos of their SUPer 12'6" board so I did. Hope this help anyone looking to buy this board. Which is an amazing Board for crusing along those days when the wind is falling to show up. Not seen in the photos are the two fins it bring with the package. One 9" SUP plastic fin and G10 24cm Wave fin.

nonopr 27th April 2010 05:11 AM

Now that everyone has seen it. The veredict is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The get more of this shipped to PR for a super fun day.

pierrec45 1st May 2010 05:40 AM

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I have the very same board. Fun piece to have. I haven't SUPed much, but fun things to do are light-wind sailing, longboard freestyle, social sailing in the shallows, and teaching.

It actually planes surprisingly well in stronger winds too, though of course I'd rather take out shorter boards then. Gybes beautiful, basically all by itself, though not a great upwind pointer.

Here are a couple of possibilities with same board, that is, tacking the railride to a front-to-back, and gybing from inside the boom, facing the wind. Fun board really.

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