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binx123 20th April 2010 08:41 PM

Replacement Deck Pad For Carve
I've got a Carve that has developed a soft spot (probably due to repeated heel dings) and needs repair. In order to do the repair I need to peel back the foot pad. Eventually I want to replce it with a factory original foot pad. Does Starboard sell original replacements? Don't care to install one of the after market pads for aesthetic reasons.

Any advice? Thanks Binx

Roger 22nd April 2010 09:04 AM

Hi Binx,
You might want to check with a Starboard dealer and have then check with the distributor for you.
Every once in a while I've heard of someone getting a new foot pad or even an entire new EVA deck, but these things must come from Starboard HQ in Thailand, through the international sales guys, through the national distributor and dealer.
Otherwise, your best bet is to cut the footpad out in the area that's damaged (use an
angled cut) and carefully remove the piece that covers the repair.
Then glue it back in when the repairs are completed. Difficult...... you bet.
Doable...... yes, if you want things to look as close to original as possible.
Hope this helps,

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