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racerX 27th April 2010 11:45 PM

Evo 75 versus quad 76
I ordered an evo 75 2009, but there was a mix up...

Anyway I have been offered a refund or a quad 76 convertible. As a single fin board is the quad 76 the same as the evo 75 or is it a different beast?

If I go the quad, what single fin should I get?

Ola_H 28th April 2010 01:59 PM

The Q76 is a little bit bigger over a cm wider and in real life a few liters more too. It has a slightly faster rocker and a different bottom shape and is also a bit more compact. But tests show it still has a lot of the EVO feel and is "in some ways even better" (as one test put it). I have q76 convertible myself but I like it so much as a quad I haven't even tried it as a single. But apart from the extra weight of the boxes, one can sort of say the quad 76 shape is a "more modern EVO". And, you do get an amazing quad fin board at the same time which you very much may prefer. So I say you should go for it unless the E75 was a bit on the big side already. The the Q76 will be even bigger.

Fin: The best size will depend a bit on what sails you are using and how heavy and back foot heavy you are. But I would for sure try to get a hold of a Drake Natural (from EVO or small Kode, your supplier might have stock). I figure a 23 would be a good all round size.

Note that it will also be possible to sail the Q76 as a tri fin board which can be nice for some particular purposes.

racerX 30th April 2010 12:02 AM

Quad 76 Convertible arrived today!

As I posted before I had originally wanted an evo 75 to partner with my Kode 103.

I choose this board to be my be my high wind bump and jump board, but as I progress I hope to ride the mushy cross-onshore waves that are common on the south east of england, which is why I decided against a smaller kode.

I understand the dynamics of a single fin, which is how I intend to use the board to start with. i.e. big fin more lift, to counter bigger sail, and bigger tail etc. But the quad setup seems a litte confusing as the smaller quads with their smaller tails, and smaller sail sizes come with bigger fins!

I have ordered a 23cm drake for the board. I have 4.2,4.7 and 5.5 sails for this and I weight 72Kg.

So I have a couple of questions.

With the standard quad fins what range would they cover? and how should I set them?
If I want to use it as thruster how would I set it up, could I use the fins I already have?

Ola_H 30th April 2010 05:10 AM

The standard quad setup will cover the whole sail range of the board - and maybe more! With a bigger number of smaller fins, the dynamics of fin sizing changes. You really never get "fin overpowered" like with a single fin. But what may happen is that you get too much drive and grip in your turns. Then smaller fins will help, but for mush cross on, I think the standard fin set will cover everything you want. Maybe the 15+12 kit may feel a bit sketchy in underpowered 5.5, at least until you get your speed up. Then a set of 16+12 would help, but unless you want to ride quality waves, it might be even better to try to fins a super small single fin (20 or smaller) and use that together with the 15cm front fins. That will give you extremely good get up and go capabilities and also super good upwind even with big sails. But the 23 drake + the original quad set will get you a LONG way so my advice is to try the board in both single fin and quad mode first and then see what you think.

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