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bubi 2nd January 2007 05:08 PM

f161 and fins

I read your fin suggestion (dedoichet custom) for the F161 is
< 15 knots R 19 S rake +8
>15 knots R13 M rake +8

What happens if I use
for light winds
<15 Knots R13 M rake +10
and for strong
Winds > 15 knots R13 H rake + 5??

Best regards


Remi 3rd January 2007 05:47 PM

RE: f161 and fins
Hi Bubi,

This with wide board you need a fin a have a good flex (soft) in light wind to get the lift. Stiffer don not give you this important effect to drive over the water and accelerate.

R13m rake +10cm under 15 knots will not work really good, the board will never get the lift and will push water.

R13 H rake +5cm, you will loose in angle with that one.

So I recomand you the R19 soft -- rake+8cm under 15 knots and the 13 medium rake + 8 or + 6cm over 15 knots.

All the best

bubi 4th January 2007 02:21 AM

RE: f161 and fins
thanks remi


bubi 7th January 2007 04:24 AM

RE: f161 and fins
dear remi

today was the first day i tested the f 161
you have right about the soft fins... the first day was wind from 10 to 16 knots and i used the standard fin r 19 soft.

i found that this board has increadible speed when you are sailing downwind .

any comments from you with a fin R 13 deboichet custom soft rake 6??
i know the R19 is the best but who do you find this solution??

best regards


p.s the f161 its a great board...

Remi 7th January 2007 08:38 AM

RE: f161 and fins
Hi Bubi,

The R13 soft rake + 6cm still a good fin, but need more power in the tip to get the lift more quickly. This fin was an amaising one on the F 159, but now with the F161 who is a lot more wide in the tail and the size limite at 70 cm, we was oblige to develope a new fin for the F 161.

The R17 soft rake + 8cm was a good base, good aceleration, but not enough power, so I develope in colaboration with Jean-Jacques something between the R13 and the R17 and the R19 born. The R19 is a R13 75cm cut at 70 cm and reshape the last 30 cm to have the perfect curve and flex.

All the best

bubi 7th January 2007 02:53 PM

RE: f161 and fins
ok i understand what you mean in condititions under 15 knots

is it a good choice to use the R 13 soft rake 6 in conditions up to 15 knots?

best regards


Guest 14th January 2007 05:54 PM

RE: f161 and fins
Will R13 soft FR6 also work for heavier sailors on the F159?
And for the SF 160 as well?

Remi 15th January 2007 07:24 PM

RE: f161 and fins
Hi Guest,

Yes this fins work on this 2 boards, work beter particulary on the F 160 with rake + 8cm if you are heavy.

All the best

Guest 18th January 2007 04:02 AM

RE: R19 in f161
hi remi,

there is significant different between deboichet r19 soft rake8+ and deboichet r19 soft-- rake8+? control, speed, lift? the board is f161!

thanks a lot for your help,

bubi 18th January 2007 07:00 AM

RE: f161 and fins
dear remi,
thanks a lot for your amswers

my last question for this racing bolide f161.
How does it works up to 18 knots with a R13 H RF + 5?

Best regards


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