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IOANNHS 5th May 2010 02:33 PM

isonic 87 2007 VS isonic 86 2010 and sail problem
I own an isonic 87,model 2007.I use it with a 6.7 code red and 32 cm techtonics talon fin.Thinking of changing the sail and might change the board also.The problem is that the new severn race sails have sizes 6.2 which is small for me and 7.0 which is probably a bit big for the new board since the sail range is max 7.0.From my experience,i never use the bigger sail of the sail range of the board.What do you recommend?and with what fin?Even if 7.0 is working great with the new board,i should probably use a 36-38cm fin.So the other question is this.....why should i be faster on a 7.0 sail on isonic 2010 model,with a 36-38 fin and not with a isonic 87lt,model 2007,with a 6.7 code red and a 32cm(which i use now)..

mark h 5th May 2010 10:02 PM

Hi Ioannhs, not the SB team here, I think the lucky buggers are all in Maui on their yearly photo shoot:)

Cant comment on the new 2010 iS86, but I have used a 7.6m and a 7.8m NS Warp on the 2007 iS87 a few times. It worked great with no problems at all (I'm 105kg). My mate uses his Tushingham 7.7m X15 on his iS87 and he is about 80kg.

When slalom 63 replaced the old slalom 42 formate, sail manufactures had to re-think "sail range". As a result, sails for 2009 onwards have a larger wind range to compensate for the new PWA rules. Severnes new 7m would be the direct replacement for your current 6.7m so the 7m would the correct replacement.

P.S. One of our local lads has the new Reflex in speed sizes, they look wicked:)

FYGTBUG 26th May 2010 10:40 PM

Mark who in west kirb already has the severne reflex?

mark h 27th May 2010 02:51 AM

Hi Mate, just sent you a text you:):)

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