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mitchiedog 9th May 2010 09:50 AM

Gap in the starboard range?
Despite starboards huge board range you don't seem to have a board that your competitors offer...a freestylewave/crossover shape in about 75L 55cm wide??. According to the site the Kodes change to "dedicated wave boards" below the 86L model. RRD, JP, Fanatic all make their FSW shapes in a 55cm size for lighter sailors. What do Starboard suggest from their range for a lighter sailor using 4.0 -5.5m sails who does bump and jump, some freestyle on flat water, and occasional waves?

agrelon 9th May 2010 12:29 PM

Depends how on your weight I guess, but under 55kgs you could always opt for a Prokids board which would be really great due to its light weight.

Unregistered 9th May 2010 04:50 PM

say sailors 65kg-78 kg

Ola_H 10th May 2010 03:26 AM

Yeah, there used to be the Kombat 79. A nice board. But even back then, the Kombats and Acids in fact had the same rockers and only outline differed. The Acids were alwasy consedered really good wave boards for blasting and B&J and that holds for the small Koden now also. Effectively, they are like fsws with narrower tails and if you're lighter, that might even be a plus.

So, my recommendation would be the Kode 80. It's a 56cm wide, but with a narrower tail than a comparable "pure fsw", but overall, I'd say it can hold its own in a B&J setting compared to anything.

Unregistered 10th May 2010 08:24 AM

mmmm. I'm not convinced. yes I had a kombat, which is why I'm surprised a similar shape has gone from the range in this size. I've also sailed the kode 86 and its fantastic, but too big for me. I bet that the Kode 80 has less rocker flat, & more tail kick than this board and the other brands FSW options. In other words its a wave board, and won't plane in marginal winds as easily, or be as exciting in a straight line as competitors FSW. or be any good for freestyle. Sure the narrower tail, rocker & control and wave performance will be superior, but thats not why you look for a crossover shape. Furthermore if you wanted to see how the Kode 80 stacks up...its unlikely to be tested against FSW from other brands because of its waveboard label. Just an observation, interested if others agree or disagree. Just when SB were closing the gap on the benchmark FSW, they don't offer one anymore in this 55-56cm size?

PrydeMan 10th May 2010 10:19 AM

The guys here in Melbourne still like the older 2006 Pure Acid 80 for more bump and jump.

Ola_H 10th May 2010 02:36 PM

While you are probably right that mags will not test the Kode 80 together with fsws because it's labelled as a wave board, your preconceptions on rocker is not correct. I went back to my computer and checked (I happen to have the sort of twisted mind that must in detail measure every board I sail). I would say that as far as measurement goes, you can't differ between the Kombat 79 and the Kode 80. So as far as rocker goes, the Kode is just as exciting and early planing as the Kombat 79, or if you want, an "fsw version" of a Kode 80. That rockers were so close was one of the motivations to merge the Acid and Kombat lines.

But as pointed out, the tails is a bit narrower. This means you loose a bit of light wind performance and generally a bit of B&J range (but gain a bit of wave range). Also, the rails on the Kode 80 has become a bit softer and more forgiving, which further affects the ride. As PrydeMan says, the old 2006 Acid 80 (and similar rocker) was the king of B&J as far as wave boards go, mostly because of harder rails.

So in the end, the Kode 80 do offer a very fsw like crisp and exciting ride, early planing etc etc, but rails and narrower tail still means it is not a "true fsw". But as long as you don't need to rely on best possible performance in the lightest of winds, I'd say the difference is smaller then you might think.

mitchiedog 10th May 2010 03:00 PM

ok, fair point, the rockers are close. Maybe its just as good. I'd be stoked if it was as cool and quick for bump and jump as the 86L version, I really loved that when i tried it. I'd be interested to see if Starboard would be confident to send a Kode 80 up against the JP fsw or fanatic fw or RRD fsw if the mags called for a 56cm wide "all purpose board" test. I guess its that, or nothing.

Ola_H 10th May 2010 06:44 PM

I guess at least half of the result of such a test would depend on if the testers THOUGHT it was a pure wave board or not by just looking at it and knowing its history. But with a bit of luck the actual test sailing of the board could maybe also influence things...

But seriously, check out a board like the Goya One. It's often included in fsw tests, but the tail is narrower than most and it's at least half way towards a pure wave board. Comparing width relative tail width the Kode is just a half a cm or so narrower in the tail. So there are no clear lines between the segments.

mitchiedog 11th May 2010 11:41 AM

yes thats true, Ive read that. The Quattro FSW I think was also at the pure wave end of the FSW spectrum too? I guess Im asking where does the Kode80 sit on that spectrum, in terms of actual sailing performance, (and ignoring its physical dimensions). Clearly the branding says its with the Goya & quattro. I'm at that ability level where all round ease of use is really important, and so far I seem to have got that from faster/wider tail FSW designs. The other brands seem to make it clearer to me what board is best for that. Ola I think I read that you said the K80 sails like a MUCH smaller board? is that true?

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