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Wim Calcoen 22nd August 2006 03:09 AM

Changing F Type 158
I'm using an F TYpe 158 now to slalom with big sails and to go Upwind and downwind on the Atlantc (short waves) Im 100 kgs +

Wat should I take to replace it ???

An I sonic 155 (can't use it it with an 12 m2) ??
AN Apollo (don't think it wil work wit 9m2 and slalom condtions (waves and 15-20 knots)
A Formula (better with strong wind , but not as a slalom board)

The choise is diificult , and , for me I can't sea the improvement .

Opinions ???

Ian Fox 28th August 2006 02:55 PM

RE: Changing F Type 158
Hi Wim,

It's an interesting perspective you put on the new boards.

The historuy of the larger FT's is that 1)mostly the guys owning/riding them did not take the sail size out to the limit and 2) did not really spend a lot of time sailing full upwind/downwind (FW style) , rather they used them for cruising and light wind back and forth (in this mode, the iS155 offers a very good package, a little more atuned to those "average" user needs/wants).

Agree that in your specific case, for 100kg the iS155 is not so ideal with 12m, and likewise even with 100kg the Apollo is basically a board for up to 15 kts, by 20 it is pretty much done and certainly the F161 becomes a more competitive choice - and an easier ride.

Agree that a Formula won't jibe as well as the iS155 (size for size), but by perspective the FT158 was not really a jibe machine either, coming closer to F161 than iS155.

It's indeed a difficult choice, and sorry that the the overall improvements (and customer/dealer/market fed rationalisation/s) to the new range have left you a little compromised.

Please let us know if you would like more info etc.

Cheers ~ Ian

Wim Calcoen 29th August 2006 02:08 AM

RE: Changing F Type 158
Ian ,

yhanks for your reply .

As I understand ISONIC 155 is a good light wind slalom board , Apollo is'n t good in heavy winds , so remains the F161

On the F160 was mentiond the board could be used as a light wind slalom board .

Is this the case for the F161 too ???

I don't mind the jibing , the FT 158 isn't a wave board .


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