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i5who 20th May 2010 03:58 AM

Mast for severne overdrive 9,5
Hello everybody. I have a problem so please help!

I ordered a sail OVERDRIVE 9,7 with ALU RACE BOOM and BLUE LINE MAST 530 2010, but I recived BLUE LINE MAST 520 2009 instead of 530.

Luff of the sail is 534 cm and with 530 mast i need 4 cm extension. Is it problem to rig a sail with a BLUE LINE 520 and 14 cm extension? Or I should complaine and change it for BLUE LINE 530 2010.
Thank you for your answer.

Best regards


Remi 20th May 2010 10:10 PM

Hi i5who,

Is exactly the same mast just 10 cm longer so perfect for your Overdrive 9,7.

All the best

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