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iacob 20th May 2010 04:37 AM

Downsizing board quiver; and choose between futura or isonic 101s?
Today my board quiver is iSonic 135, RRD X-Fire 115 and a F2 Stoke 95. My Sails are Red Code 8.3 and 6,7 and a Gaastra Matrix 5,5.
But as I don't have a van I would like to go for a two board quiver.

I was planning on replacing the two smaller boards with one. I can get both a futura or an iSonc 101. But from what i can read the futura will be better suited in 5.5 conditions than the isonic? Or is this limit on the isonic only when sailed with racesails? So m question is really, can i sail an isonic 101 comfortable with my matrix 5.5?

I like to sail fast and have sailed slalom boards since the HS 105. I weigh 87kg and sail in coastal/open ocean in Norway.

iacob 27th May 2010 07:18 PM

Well, I can answer this one myself, as I bought an iSonic 101. I tried to sail it with a 5.5 in small, but quite steep chop, and had problems keeping the nose down. I guess it comes down to commitment, but it seems i will still need a smaller board for rougher conditions.

Remi 28th May 2010 05:30 AM

Hi iacob,

For the Code Red 6.7 and Matrix 5.5 for iSonic range the 94 will be better, for the Futura the 101. I am not a fan of no cams sails on iSonic, the lenght balance is not perfect, It 's the sail will limit your performances, not the board. Better on Futura who are more easy shape for this no cams sails.

All the best

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