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sanctus 22nd May 2010 09:06 PM

Can an iSonic 150 carry an 11.6m RS4 sail?
I am a heavy weight inland sailor (105 kg) looking to trade in my existing SB FF 158 for an iSonic. I have a good selection of NP Mk2 Slalom sails ranging from 9.2m to 6.8m plus an NP RS4 11.6 with X9 mast and boom for the lighter days which works brilliantly on the FF 158.

My second board is an S-Type 133 which works well with the sails I have from 7.8m downwards.

Question: Will the iSonic 150 be able to carry the 11.6m? Secondly, what is the maximum realistic sail size a sailor of my weight could use on the 150 and 144?

I am at an average level, planning in the straps, pretty quick, able to water start and carving both boards 60% to 70% of the time. My passion is sailing quickly and drag racing with my mates.

Any help would be most welcome.

mark h 23rd May 2010 12:26 AM

Hi Sanctus, sorry to cut in on a SB team question.

I'm 105kg and 194cm, I have used an 11m Warp on both the iS144 and iS150. No real benefit in going bigger than a 10m on the iS144.

The 11m worked like a dream on the iS150 and felt like it would easily take a slightly bigger 11.5m/11.9m.

I also used a Deb R13 64cm soft on a super light wind da and it was fine. 56cm/57cm would be the bread and butter main size though.

The iS150 will be a really good replacement for your FF158. C/W the iS144, the iS150 feels much bigger than the numbers suggest, it is as stable as a formula board (the iS144 is not, as it feels much smaller).

Here's a link to a recent discussion on big kit, some of the comments might help you decide.

sanctus 23rd May 2010 11:44 PM

Thanks for the feedback Mark, I agree that the iS150 is probably going to be a better bet for my needs.

As a side do you think I could get away with a North 9.8m F10 RAM (which I have just ordered) on the 144? it's just a thought. I may consider keeping the FF158 given the great service and enjoyment it has given me.

PS - I have just seen a new thread on big kit which adds interest to the discussion.

mark h 24th May 2010 01:28 AM

Hi, the 9.8m Ram will be fine on the iS144, the F10 is pretty light for its size so even in slogging mode, it will be pretty comfortable:)

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