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kiwiben 1st June 2010 12:22 PM

100 kg on a hypersonic 105?
Hi, there is a 105litre hypersonic for auction here, for US$250. Cheap enough to buy for a laugh, but just expensive enough to ask your opinions first.

My problem: I am 100kg. This means I will be limited to waterstarts, which in turn means it will be a board for medium to strong winds only.

Can anyone tell me if this board will suck for such a heavy guy like me, even when I am in strong enough winds to waterstart?

I should add I already have a Carve 121 which is good for me in lightish to medium winds, so the hyper would be for when it blows properly. Tell me, will I have fun?

Very interested in your responses...

PG 1st June 2010 04:12 PM

They Hypersonic hardly makes sense as a heavyweight's highwind board, as a partner to a Carve 121.
In your shoes I would instead look for a freeride or Freestyle-Wave in the 100-105 liter range (60-65 cm in width). It will be a waterstart only board that takes you well into 5.0-5.3 sail territory.

mark h 1st June 2010 09:18 PM

Hi Ben

Mention "Hypersonic" and you'll get a real mixed bag of responses:) Like Marmite, people either loved it or hated it. For sure, it needed a different approach to get the best out of it c/w normal slalom boards. But once dialled, it was a shed load of fun:) The HS had a big range and is probably the only "one size for all" slalom board, great concept in its day.

The MK1 HS was one of my all time favourite boards. I had a D-ram 125 and a wood 105. Other than big sail slogging, the HS125 felt pretty similar to the HS105. I was using Gaastra Nitro's then, and used a 5.5m to 9.3m on both the HS105/125.

Now a days, a 5.5m on a 78cm board would be considered wrong as boards this wide are XL slalom. But the HS's huge double concaves allowed you to run on small or large fins, partly were its huge range came from. 9m sail, 78cm wide board and a 34cm fin (todays XL slalom can not do this) which mean't "fast" downwinders:)

It was very good in chop as its huge double concaves made feel like it was riding on a cushion of air, very comfy for such a wide board.

Not sure what type/size sails your on, but the HS likes cambered sails. A 7+m would really be the smallest size for the HS105. But this combo will take a lot of wind, 15k to 25k winds.

At 250, it could be cheap fast thrill's (in a good way):)

kiwiben 2nd June 2010 04:05 AM

Thanks guys,

I get the feeling the hypersonic is one of the great boards of all time, or at least one of the most influential... I should buy it and stick it in a frame behind glass and hang it on my wall for future worshipping. The fact some people hate it just makes it more brilliant if you ask me. It took alot of balls for SB to make such a radical design for its time.

Thanks PG for pointing out the downside of this board for me, but at $250 (ie virtually free) those reasons are not enough to cancel out what Mark H is saying.

But yes PG, i will look out for a board like you suggest if I can get one this cheap. For real strong wind I currently use an old 80 litre wave board. It weighs nothing, I love it!

Maximus 2nd June 2010 10:03 AM

Hey Bro

Get the board. Make sure you have some cammed sails. Even if you hate it at 1st, keep perservering, as you will learn more on the Hyper than any other board. As you get better on it, you will plane up earlier than your carve!..

Enjoy the challenge

kiwiben 2nd June 2010 10:46 AM

OK Maximus... I will!

If it truly does plane up earlier than my carve I will be blown away. I guess it makes sense though if it's wider, and those concaves must help stop the board sinking at low speed.

Or is that an embarrassingly stupid and naive theory?:)

PG 2nd June 2010 11:15 AM

Everything Mark writes is correct. But at the same time I believe that Mark is significantly lighter. And that makes a difference.
On the other hand, you already have a small board to use when it really blows (and the wind is steady!). Go for it, you can sell it for half of what you bought it for, and it is still not an expensive test.

mark h 2nd June 2010 03:56 PM

With all the light winds we've been getting this year in the UK, I wish I was lighter:) I'm 105kg & 194cm

kiwiben 3rd June 2010 04:28 AM

you fat b...stard!

kiwiben 3rd June 2010 04:36 AM

Actually Mark you are identical to me in height and weight (100kg was just a rounded off figure)... we are both perfect physical specimens in other words. I should listen carefully to everything you say from now on... I will go back and read every gem you have posted in the past too.

One thing I never understood was: Is bigger model of the same board optimised for a bigger sailor in the same wind, or an average sailor in less wind. Maybe that's another thread though...

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