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Meyersurf 1st June 2010 04:15 PM

Which waveboard to choose
Hi all!

I am going to buy a new waveboard and would be happy to here your advice. I am 88kg and have experienced some decades of being windsurfing addicted.

In former times I sailed "real" waveboards with 75 l and 50-54 width. Than I switched to a Freewave Board with 78 liter (Fanatic) and now I miss the 100% secure feeling in highwind and turning abilities. Usally I prefer to sail powered up and thus use bigger sails than other riders but at the same time use smale boards. Mostly I sail at baltic sea with low power smale waves (?mushy?) which were generate by the wind (side to cross on shore).

My bigger board is a Freewave 96 l with 62 width which I like to use with 6.5 and 5.7. Unfortunatly I also have to update my Sail quiver and I am planning (please also give advice if this seems not sensefull) to go for 5.0 / 4.5 /4.1 (last one has not seen much use in the past years). Currently I use 5.7 with both the 96 and the 78 FSW board.

I am very confused with the new types of waveboard and I have no testing opportunity available here. So please give me your thoughts ... Quad 76???

Thank you and sorry for long reading!


Ola_H 2nd June 2010 07:23 PM

Hi Christian

A Kode 80 would be the most similar to your FSW 78 in planing, speed, and general feel with with SIGNIFICANTLY better high wind wave performance and a more secure feeling at speed.

But if you're also after better turning at lower speed and "bad" waves, a Quad is what I would recommend. And at 88 kilos, I think the Q76 will be small enough even though it's a rather wide board. I think you will be blown away with how easy and effective is is when wave riding.

Sails: It's very individual. I think you will find the 5.7 working OK on the Q76 too so you can then safely go for 5.0 and the 4.5+ smaller if you need. An alternative would be to add 5.3/4.7/4.2 to the 5.7/6.5. The advantage would be a better possibility for fine tuning in the medium wind range. And at your weight the Q76 will after all be a bit more natural with a 5.3 than a 5.7, so 5.3 instead of 5.0 would mean more and better time on the Q76 instead of the big FSW, I figure.

Meyersurf 3rd June 2010 01:18 PM

Thank you for sound advice!

I think I will give the Quad a try - still concerned about 57.5 width in force 6 or 7 weather but curious enough about the new concept...

All the best


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