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ilan_s 5th June 2010 03:09 PM

Tell about your equipment and help others to choose
If you are lightweight, talented and only sail at the perfect spot, you don’t need it. Manufacturer’s info and magazines-reviews tell you all you need before you buy a new board.
For us others who are more intimate with gravity and posses less then perfect skills, this info can however be misleading.
The Boardsurveyor is (as the name suggests) a survey. Windsurfers of all sizes and levels are encouraged to submit their boards. Once you want a new board, you search the database for experience done by people with properties similar to yours.

Please visit and submit your boards. The more of us doing it, the closer we get some “true” definition of boards. Not only it will help buyers to choose, it will also help designers adapt new models to real-world users.

No registration is required
. All you need is at least a couple of weeks windsurfing-experience, access to internet and about five minutes to spare.


ilan_s 6th June 2010 03:24 PM

Please do not append the nominal volume of a board to the board name. Use the “volume” field instead (even if the real volume may differ).

If one, say, wants to display all boards of the Starboard “Gizmo” range, the boards “Gizmo 101” and “Gizmo 111” will not be included if the volume is a part of the name.


ilan_s 17th June 2010 12:43 AM

Thank you all for entries and comments and suggestions. I added some (simplified) statistics, look here.
Please ask all your mates to submit their boards too. The more boards, the more entries for each board, the better.


ilan_s 11th July 2010 03:18 PM

The site is now linked within Facebook too: Boardsurveyor on Facebook.
The application is not (yet) completely adapted to Facebook, but can now be exposed to users not participating in internet forums. If you click the “Like” button, all your Facebook-friends will see it and may (or may not) like it too. You can also leave a message at the “wall”.


ilan_s 12th September 2010 07:02 PM

Well, now it’s autumn. At least here the high season for new acquisitions is over. The last few weeks everybody is sailing a new or newly acquired board.
Now is the time to submit your board to the Boardsurveyor. Either a board you haven’t submitted yet, or if you changed your mind about a board you already submitted.
You don’t have to be an expert and there are no wrong answers. Just share your experience.


ilan_s 2nd June 2011 04:24 PM

Just want to remind you all that the Boardsurveyor is still out there waiting for you to use it. No charge, no registration, no hidden intensions and sponsors.
Enter you subjective experience with your boards, enough entries will create some kind of objective overview.

Note that the site has a section for spots. The intention is to create a general directory that is understandable and accessible for anyone. This section is still quite empty as it solely depends on user input. Please let me know if you can submit your local spot.

ilan_s 19th February 2012 09:22 AM

Just to remind you again about the Boardsurveyor . There are almost 246 different boards rated, and room for at a lot more.
The link-section. It is still relative empty, but I hope some of you will help filling it. I can also add an android-app if there will be a demand.

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