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Unregistered 6th June 2010 08:36 PM

SB 159 or FF tt 06

I have decided to buy my first formula board this year and now I am in a dilemma regarding which formula board to buy. Currently, there are 2 used formula boards that i found in my area and in my price range, that is SB 159 and FF tt 06 (the owner says it's 2007 - did fanatic made formulas that year?)

Which do you recommend, considering I am a recreational sailor with intermediate skills.



Per 7th June 2010 01:46 AM

I have a F159. It's a 2005 model and some things have happened to formula since then. Anyway I've used it a lot and it's definitely one of the longest lasting Starboards I've ever had. It just won't break or crack. You won't win the world cup on the 159 but it's a speedster and it may be a better option for recreationel blasting than some of the very wide tailed formulas. It carries an 11 metre sail easily but it takes a 8.5 sail and smaller fin if you want to blast it as a huge slalom board too.
The latest designs will plane a little earlier and carry huge rigs in very hard conditions though.

Great board..

mark h 8th June 2010 10:20 PM

If it is the TT that had huge tail cut-outs, it needs a fin that is near vertical in rake, it liked to sail very flat.

The F159 was a lot less fin specific and went really well with most fins. For just messing about on as a light wind board, it will even take a 60cm fin to help increase top-end and gybing.

Out of the two, the F159 is the easiest to sail down wind (and I felt it was fast too). Fanatics 2004 and 2005 TT's were nice, but a lot of formula racers were not happy with the TT 06, the 06 was the last formula that Fanatic made. Fanatic say it was due too the PWA replacing formula with slalom42, they said they wanted to develope their slalom range instead.

The F159 was a great board in its day and is definetly better suited (now a days) for a fast light wind machine. Grab the F159 before it goes:)

Unregistered 9th June 2010 10:44 PM

Thank you both for the reply. It's seems that the vote is in favor of the 159, so I will most likely go for it.

Next come rigs. I am also looking for sth used, any recommendations for a first time formula user? Is there a big difference between older and newer sails of this size?

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